U Tip Hair Extensions

Pre bonded U-Tip hair extensions (AKA keratin bond, fusion hair extensions) are a glue in strand hair extension method, the same as what great lengths are famously known for. They are applied by heating up the keratin tip with a bonding iron and twirling the extension around small sections of your own hair in accurate positions. This method is safe for your natural hair as keratin is protein that is already present in your hair.

U-Tip hair extensions are extremely durable, non slip, discrete, light weight and comfortable. A full head takes around 2-3 hours to install, which is a little longer than other methods. But the great thing is that you can literally set and forget! They can stay installed for up to 4 months before you need to remove them. If you’re looking for maintenance free hair extensions then I would definitely recommend this method.

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  • 3 Different Types of Semi-Permanent Hair Extensions

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    There are a variety of hair extensions available in the market. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s for you to decide which among them would best fit your needs and personal taste. Although, we highly recommend that you seek help from the experts to get the best results. If you want high quality and durable hair extensions, you can get that here at Human Hair Extensions Online. We offer a wide range of first class extensions which are all made of authentic remy hair. Our products are available in different lengths and colors.

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  • How to Care for Your Permanent Hair Extensions

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    For most of us who have made hair extensions a part of our daily lives, we can totally say that these hair products are a modern day miracle. They have made looking more attractive and desirable, a much easier task. Don’t like your new haircut? Wear hair extensions. Want to add volume to your lifeless tresses? Go for hair extensions. Need to put variations to your hair color? Again, the answer to that is hair extensions.

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  • The Truth About Russian And European Hair Extensions

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    The Australian hair extension market is riddled with hair extensions companies claiming to sell European or Russian hair extensions. Unfortunately, the facts are that 99% of these sellers are actually selling Asian hair, Chinese hair and Indian hair.

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  • Remy Hair Extensions


    Remy hair is the best quality hair used in quality hair extensions today. It can be regard as natural hair when applied and blend to your original hair. Remy hair can be trimmed, dyed, curled and blow dried just like your normal hair. Although these are more expensive compared to other types of hair extensions, when it comes to benefits and quality its worth paying a little bit extra for.

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  • Real Hair Extensions


    Today, real hair extensions are becoming a general solution for everybody from concealing thinning hair, to cover up baldness, adding more volume and to add extra length to your original hair. Some use hair extensions for medical reasons, since hair implants can’t be successful all the time; they opt to using hair extensions for hair placement.

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