Skin Weft Hair Extensions (New Invisible Method)

THIS ITEM IS NOW ONLY AVAILABLE FOR BULK PURCHASES, APOLOGIES FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE. Please click on the product below if you are happy to purchase in bulk and wait 5-6 weeks for production. To see what other hair extensions we sell at HHEO that do not have quantity requirements and offer immediate dispatch CLICK HERE. We highly recommend our Tape Hair Extension range, they are very similar to Skin Weft.
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Do invisible hair extensions really exist?

Skin Weft hair extensions are a new hand tied tape weft product. They’re applied exactly the same as traditional tape in hair extensions, but are even more invisible as they are designed to resemble hair growing from the scalp. With the correct colour match and positioning in your hair, they are virtually invisible! If you really don’t want people to see your extensions, I highly recommend this technique.

At HHEO we stock 20 inch Skin Weft hair extensions in our four most popular Brown and Blonde shades. Of coarse they are made with the highest quality of remi hair available. These extensions have attracted a lot of attention in high end hair salons all over the globe! Click on the product below to see what all the fuss is about!

Yes! They are known as Skin Weft Hair Extensions and we are one of the only companies in Australia that has the authentic version of the product for sale. This type of extension imitates the skin with hair "growing" out of it giving the overall appearance a more natural and therefore believable result, each false strand disappearing as it blends perfectly with your natural hair. This is the most inconspicuous method available on the market, if installed correctly they are basically invisible.

They are installed the exact some way as tape hair extensions, a thin piece of your hair is sandwiched in-between two pieces. They are 4cm wide x 0.8cm high, a standard full head set will require 40 pieces but if you’re after decent volume I would recommend 60 pieces. Basically the more you have the better they look! However clients with thinning hair may just want to add a little volume, this is where the 10 – 30 piece options are preferred. Many people want to know how long they last, it’s 6-8 weeks before you need to visit your hairdresser for reapplication to secure the hair closer to your scalp. As these extensions move down with your natural hair growth they will become more visible to onlookers, so best to be consistent with your visits to your hairdresser. But the actual life span is 12 months plus if they’re looked after.

Reasons this method is perfect for you:

Most invisible method on the market. More inconspicuous than Tape extensions, Premium Grade 100% remy human hair, Hair can last from 12 – 24 months if looked after properly, 100 day money back guarantee, USA grade blue Tape that will NOT fall out!, Free shipping for Australian orders, 1000's of happy customers around the globe, Same day delivery option for Sydney - $17, Unique multi tone colours available for natural blending, Hair can be curled, straightened and blow dried & World class customer support.

Generally, the hair looks and feels as if it’s your own (or even better). In fact, because our skin weft hair extensions are made with a high grade of 100% remy human hair you could almost do anything with them. As they’re so comfortable you may even completely forget that you’re wearing extensions!

As for people experiencing hair loss due to: surgery scars, hereditary hair loss, radiation, chemotherapy, alopecia and trichotillomania this method is one great solution, restoring confidence and hope. They are applied to a section of hair rather than only a few strands of hair, using that whole section to support the weight. Meanwhile, it also allows your natural hair to grow out while you are wearing these extensions.

One stylist was unsure on this new ‘skin weft’ method, but decided to test them on her 9 year old daughter for a few weeks and is very happy to report that these wefts have not budged - not a bit. Now that’s a miracle considering how active kids are at this age. If they are able to handle kids I don’t think ladies will have any trouble adjusting to them. To view reviews from our clients please click on the item at top of page.

As the name itself suggests “invisible extensions” are perfect solutions for those who want to keep the wearing of extensions a secret, avoiding unsightly glimpses of visible extensions when the wind is blowing or the turning of your head.

The hair should be professionally placed by a trained hairdresser to ensure they remain invisible and to prevent damage, they can even be placed towards the front of your head as the hair looks as if it’s growing from your scalp.

We have wholesale prices available for hair salons and wholesalers, to find out the cost you can enquire on our ‘contact us’ page.

With all this said, it’s oblivious that there are many pros and almost no cons. I highly recommend skin weft hair extensions!

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