Reward Points for Loyal Customers

FAQ BeautyPoints Loyalty Program is an extra way for us to show our appreciation for shopping at For any purchase you make on you will accumulate BeautyPoints when you checkout via your account. In order to start collecting BeautyPoints, click here and create a account. It’s quick, easy and free!

For every $1 you spend at, you collect 1 BeautyPoint. You must use your account to checkout. Your BeautyPoints are stored in your account and added to your account 28 days after you place an order.

Once you have saved 500 BeautyPoints you will be eligible to start redeeming them on The reward point’s box will appear at checkout when you have 500+ BeautyPoints in your account.

BeautyPoints expire if you have not made a purchase within your account in 24 months.

Sorry, BeautyPoints are non-transferable.

Sorry, you will only earn BeautyPoints for the actual cost of the item itself. BeautyPoints will not be added for the delivery cost.