Get gorgeous hair in 30 days…

While other might be getting quality human hair extensions to get the hair of their dreams in the fastest way, nothing beats the natural healthy hair.

And how can one accomplish that with today’s harsh chemical-laden products not to mention the free radicals that we’ve been constantly bombarded.

Are you ready for the all-proven techniques I am about to share with you? While some might be common knowledge but I guarantee you that there will be some aha moments here as some secrets are revealed by the hair experts.

To achieve the results we want we need to work from the inside as well as the outside. Remember we are what we eat so if we eat healthy it shows on the physical aspect.

Let us start with the inside first, the “What do we need to eat and what to avoid”:

  • The first and most important factor is eating the right food, fruits and vegetable is a must for a healthy hair. Another group of food that we need to add is nuts, brown rice, beans and pulses this is a big plus on your hairs’ condition.
  • Get supplement that nourish your hair such as hair-building vitamins B6, B12, evening primrose oil, folic acid and a good multivitamins because we cannot eat all of the required food to keep your hair at its best.
  • Avoid smoking, caffeine and alcohol it does more harm than good to your tresses in fact if you eliminate this, your hair will grow stronger and longer.

Now that we are done on what we need to take in let us proceed to what we must do to enhance and maintain the health of our hair and here is what the dermatologist has to say:

  • For oily hair, more frequent washing is necessary the more oily your scalp the more you should wash your hair. Here are the washing tips to address all types of hair.
    • Washing once or twice daily whichever is appropriate for oily hair.
    • Your hair may be drier if they have been chemically treated so washing should be less frequent.
    • Your scalp will be making less oil as you get older so it might not be advisable to shampoo hair every day. However if flakes are forming then it may be a sign to wash your hair regularly with a shampoo.
  • Shampoo should be applied directly to the scalp to clean the scalp primarily and not the entire length. Washing the ends will result to dull and coarse hair creating flyaway hair.
  • Conditioner should be concentrated on the hair tips and not on the scalp or the length of the hair because it will make your fine hair look limp.
  • Using conditioner every after shampoo is a must. It can greatly improve the look of damaged hair by adding shine, lessen static electricity, improve strength and provide protection from the damaging rays of the sun.
  • Your shampoo and conditioner should be appropriate for your hair type such us color treated hair or damaged hair as this was specifically made to benefit the intended user.
  • Never go swimming without protecting your hair. Chlorine has been proven to damage the hair so to avoid this always wet the hair and condition them before swimming.  Wearing of tight-fitting swim cap is also advisable. And lastly, do not forget to wash of the chlorine after swimming use specially formulated shampoo and deep conditioner to replace lost moisture.

Follow what the experts say  and you’ll have hair that any woman can envy…