FAQ | Human Hair Extensions Online | Sydney, Australia

Frequently Asked Questions.

 Q. Are these extensions real human hair?

 A. humanhairextensionsonline : Yes most of our extensions on the website are the highest quality 100% real human hair extensions available. We hand pick from the finest suppliers world wide. We do sell a small selection of Synthetic hair extensions that will only be found on the Synthetic extension page and the synthetic Pony Tail page, otherwise all extensions on the other pages are real human hair.

 Q. Can I straighten or curl my hair extensions?

 A. humanhairextensionsonline : Yes you can use good quality hair straighteners or curlers on our 100% remy human hair extensions.

 Q. Can I colour my extensions?

A. humanhairextensionsonline : Yes you can. However it is not recommended to colour your quality hair extensions lighter. Purchase a set lighter than your desired colour then colour them darker.

 Q. I found what looks like the same item on the internet but it's cheaper...Why ?

 A. humanhairextensionsonline : We only sell high quailty hand picked extensions and it just costs more to supply you with the very best. We REFUSE to offer low quality products like other sellers. So since our "quality standards" are very high and we don't cut corners, naturally our Quality Hair Extensions will cost a bit more. As per the old saying "you get what you pay for"!

 Q. If I find hair extensions for a cheaper price on the internet will we match it ?

 A. humanhairextensionsonline : Unfortunately we can't. It costs us more money to use "High Quality", "Real Human Remy Hair" and "skilled craftsmanship" to deliver you the cream-of-the-crop that's crafted to weather the storms of hair straighteners, survive the life of daily use and beat the odds of night club abuse too - all while looking vibrant and lasting the distance!

 Q. How do I pay for my hair extensions.

 A. humanhairextensionsonline : You can pay by Pay Pal or Credit Card in our secure check out on the web site, alternatively you can phone through your Credit Card details over the phone on 1300 489 337

 Q. How will you post my item? ( Australia )

 A. humanhairextensionsonline : If in Australia we send your item by express post the next working business day after we have received payment confirmation. You're Quality hair extensions should arrive in 1 to 3 business days. If your in a rural location some delay may occur.

 Q. How will you send my item? ( International )

 A. humanhairextensionsonline : If outside Australia we send your item by international post, please allow 7 to 14 days for delivery.

 Q. Can I return / exchange my item?

 A. humanhairextensionsonline : Yes you can. For full details please click on the "Return Policy" link at the bottom of the page.

 Q. How do I return and item ?

 A. humanhairextensionsonline : It's simple, just post it back to us with a return pre paid post bag and we will send you back the hair extensions you have chosen to swap it for. If you are just sending them back for a refund then you wont need to include a pre paid return bag. Make sure you provide us with your full details so we know who to refund.

If you have any questions that we haven’t answered in this Q and A page please don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 489 337.