Length and Comparison


Before and after 18 inch Tape Hair Extensions

Above is a perfect before and after example of the makeover an 80 piece, HHEO 18 Inch Tape hair extension set could give you. Our model Jenna wears the colour #60 White Blonde which is easily the most popular colour in our range. We supply these exact extensions to 1000’s of trusted hair salons across Australia.


Before and after 20 inch Clip In Hair Extensions

Above is a stunning example of how our 20” 5 Piece 130 gram clip in set could completely change your look. This set is the most popular 5 piece option in the HHEO range and is very affordable at only $139.99. Our gorgeous model Nicole is wearing the mixed colour #P24/613 Golden Beach, a perfect colour for mixed light blond shades.


Before and after 22 inch Hair Extensions

If you are looking to turn heads, then the HHEO 22 inch hair extension range if definitely one to consider. In the above image our beautiful model Jenna is wearing our 5 piece set which is perfect for thin hair types. If you have medium to thick hair then I recommend our 22” 10 piece set, you won’t regret it!


Before and after 16 inch Clip In Hair Extensions

16 inch hair extensions are generally longer than most people think! In the before and after hair extension photo above you can see how stunning, and natural looking they actually are. 16”clip in hair extensions are the perfect length is you would like a more subtle effect. Our beautiful model is wearing the 10 piece 220 gram set, thinner hair types will have the option of a 5 piece, 110g set too.


Before and after Ponytail Hair Extensions

Want to completely change your look in literally 1 minute? Ponytail extensions can instantly transform a short pony into a long and luscious one as you can see in the above photo. Our Beautiful model Sophie is wearing our 20” -22” ponytail in the colour #18/613 Mixed Blonde. To see how simple this is in an installation video please click the link image above.


Before and after 26 inch Tape In Hair Extensions

HHEO 26” Tape In Hair Extensions are to die for!! As this length is so long we recommend a minimum of 60 pieces if you are adding length, many customers wear our 80 Piece set which looks AMAZING. Our gorgeous model Kat is rocking our #2 Dark Brown, to see photos of her in all lengths, check the Length Comparison page.