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Clip in Hair Extensions
If your wanting to add volume and length but don’t want the added commitment to semi permanent extensions, then the Clip In Hair Extensions method is perfect for you!!! There is an option for a 1 piece, 5 piece or 10 pieces, which means if you just wanting volume for an up style for example, you are able to spend less on a smaller set that suits your hair needs. If you have thick hair we definitely would recommend a 10 piece set as it will blend naturally with your own hair. With the widest range of colours on the market you are able to get long voluminous hair whenever you want in just a few clips.

Tape Hair Extensions
This is our most popular method of semi permanent extensions and there are many reasons why. Firstly, they are very fast to install. Only taking around 30-40 mins for an average full head, when done by a skilled hairdresser. These tape extensions come in an extensive range of colours and even mixes. This means that whatever hair colour you have, we have a tape of two tape colours to match!! These extensions stay in for approximately 6-8 weeks until they need re-taping as the extensions grow out with your natural hair. With proper care, our tape extensions will last 12-14 months. If you’d like to purchase some care products for your extensions, head to our ACCECORIES PAGE.

Skin Weft Extensions
Skin Wefts are a relatively new method of extensions and are now the most invisible of them all!! They are the same installation and theory of regular tape, but are less visible due to having hair starting from the top of the adhesive rather than below the bonds. People LOVE this method of extensions and are raving about how real they look. Our Skin Wefts come in #2, #4, #60 and #613. Get yours now here!!

I-Tip Hair Extensions
Our I-Tip Extensions are most popular for people with already thick hair and want to add length through the hair. We have 1g strands of extensions (which is one of the thickest weights of i-tip available) An Average full head would be 100g and for a thick head we would recommend 150 pieces. Our I-tip extensions come with our silicon micro beads included!! So you don’t have to pay extra for the beads. We also have available pulling needles and pliers!! All your I-Tip Extension products are in the available in the one place. These extensions will need to be moved up and re-beaded every 6-8 weeks approximately.

Eze Weft Extensions
This weft system is for those who would prefer to take the easy approach to Micro Bead Wefts. This 1.1 meter long weft comes with beads along the top PRE-ATTATCHED, making installation so much faster. Our wefts are very popular and come in 20 beautiful inches in #1, #2, #4, #6, #10, #22, #60 and #613. You are also able to use this weft as you would a usual weft, with a minute of cutting of the pre-attached beads. Ask us how on +61 1300 489 337!!

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