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Be Melbourne's Eye Candy with HHEO
Be the talk of the town with 100% top grade human hair extensions from Human Hair Extensions Online (HHEO). Say goodbye to your old, dull hair and strut the town with a fantabulously thick and long hair just like your favorite Hollywood actress on the red carpet or Victoria Secret Angel who floats the runway with elegance and charm. HHEO takes pride in providing excellent human hair extensions in Melbourne and across Australia since 2009. Our brand has been the top choice for women in Melbourne when it comes to achieving voluminous and vibrant looking hair. HHEO values product integrity. We source our human hair materials ethically from willing and reliable donors. We are dedicated to providing our customers with pure Remy human hair that will surely give them the value in every buck spent. HHEO experts conduct a thorough sorting process to ensure that only the best hair strands make it to the clustering stage, ensuring a top quality product that’s not only fashionable but most of all functional. We make sure our clients enjoy easy shopping that is why we provide Free Colour Matching Service to help you get the best shade to flawlessly match your natural hair and Next Business Day Delivery anywhere in Melbourne! HHEO also offers 100-Day Return/Refund Policy, the longest guarantee ever to be offered online. OUR 100-DAYS PROMISE

We promise to deliver quality and satisfactory products to every customer that comes to visit our store. We are confident that our quality is truly promising compared to other brands in the market and that is why we provide 100-Days Return/Refund Policy. Purchasing from Human Hair Extensions Online is absolutely Risk-Free! If for any reason at all you are not completely satisfied with the product you received, simply return the merchandise to us in the condition you received it and we will gladly help process refund or exchange your item. We also do colour swap in case you ended up buying the colour you thought would match your hair. We’d be happy to help you get the best colour and send it to you as a replacement. Please note that requests should be done within 100 days from your payment date.


HHEO is known for offering a wide array of premium grade human hair extensions that are reasonably priced. Of course, we believe that a glamorous hair doesn't have to be always expensive. Glam up with these top human hair extension products and choose from the wide array of lengths, sets and luscious colours to match your style!

Tape-In Human Hair Extensions

Our HHEO Tape In Hair Extensions is one of our top selling hair extension techniques we carry. Gorgeous Melbourne ladies and women across Australia prefer this technique as it serves as a semi-permanent extension and is low maintenance. A full head (40 piece set) of human hair extensions can be installed by your trusted hairdressers in under 20 minutes or less. HHEO Tape in Extensions come in lengths: 16,18,20,22 and 26” and choose from our sets of 10,20,40,60 and 80 piece sets depending on how thick you want your hair to be. We also have a wide array of colour selections that will surely match any style that you have in mind.

Clip-In Human Hair Extensions

Another favourite from our menu is our HHEO Clip-In Human Hair Extensions. They are extremely easy to install, and can be done at home if you are more into DIY (Do-It-Yourself). You can install a set in under 10 minutes and voila! You are ready to take on the world. As it is easy to install, it is equally easy to have it removed later on if you wish to take it off. No need for a professional to do it for you.

Our clip in hair extensions is made of highest grade human hair which has been ethically sourced from our trusted donors and is guaranteed to be smooth and naturally straight, making us a sure hit in Melbourne and anywhere in Australia! HHEO Clip Ins come in lengths: 16, 20,22 and 24” with sets of 5 and 10 piece sets, depending on how voluminous you want to transform your hair into. The clips are also lined with silicone making sure that it’s absolutely comfortable to wear and gentle on your hair.

Ponytail Human Hair Extensions

Sick of having a not so impressive ponytail to flaunt during your clubbing nights? Well, we’ve got the answer to your problem! HHEO Ponytail Hair Extensions is perfect for the quick hair fix. It’s very easy to use! Simply clip the ponytail base on the top of your ponytail then wrap the hair extensions around your real hair ponytail, pin it and voila! You are ready to slay anytime, anywhere!

Our HHEO Ponytail Extensions comes in 20” length which is the best selling length in the market and offers a wide range of luscious colours which you cannot resist. Choose from our shades of black, brown to blondes. We surely got something for every woman out there.


HHEO offers Free Shipping anywhere for hair extensions in Melbourne and across Australia for orders $100 and up. Staying overseas? No problem! We got you covered. We offer International Shipping with Tracking worldwide. Free Shipping on orders $200+ AUD.

Be an HHEO Babe just like our gorgeous Melbourne ladies and flaunt those amazing volume and length with Human Hair Extensions Online now. Check out our complete collection HERE. or call us at 1300-489-337 to place your order. Or Check-out of free colour matching service and our support team will be more than happy to assist you to get that head-turner shade to match you HERE.