Micro Bead Weft Hair Extensions (Eze Weft)

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HHEO Micro Bead Weft hair extensions are an advanced and less visible version of Machine Weft or sew in hair extensions. It is a long uncut weft of hair approximately 1m wide with silicon micro beads attached and placed approximately 1cm apart along the track. Installation requires a small hook, loop or needle to pull your natural hair through the silicon micro beads. The beads are then firmly squeezed together using HHEO pliers. Due to the speed and efficiency of installing and removing Micro Bead wefts, it's a cost effective product. Above all this method is extremely comfortable and easy to maintain.

Also known as EZ, EZE, Easy and Micro Weft hair extensions. We currently stock this range in a 20 inch length and is available in 7 different shades of brown and blonde and is thick from top to bottom. We recommend this method be installed by a trained professional or in a hair salon, however, for the experienced person it can be installed at home! For a permanent, maintenance free hair extension option that gets stunning results, then I would definitely recommend this method! It’s made with the highest grade of human remy hair available so you’ll have no problems with knotting or tangling.

Human Hair Extension Online stocks a decent range of micro bead weft hair extensions in 10 different colours consisting of #2 Dark Brown, #4 Medium Brown, #6 Golden Brown, #10 Warm Beige Brown, #22 Natural Blonde, #60 White Blonde, and #613 Beach Blonde.

This set is from the machine weft family it's just a more advance method which is installed much quicker and with ease. It's easier to move up when your hair grows out. It's basically a long weft approximately 1 meter in width which has silicon microbeads sewn on every couple of centimetres. It is then basically installed like I-tip micro bead hair extensions, except it’s on one long weft.

Micro Bead Weft is also known as Easy Weft, EZ Weft and EZE weft. While this is a popular product around Australia it is more frequently used by our Queensland and Victorian clients.

This method is also quite popular with DIY enthusiasts, basically because if you can section the hair and cut the right size pieces to fit your head and you can quite easily install it yourself.

As your hair grows, generally after approximately 6-8 weeks, the beads on the micro bead weft will need to be squeezed open with hair extension removal pliers and slide it out of the hair. Then you have the choice of either sewing on new beads, installing with the weave technique or you can just put the bead directly under the weft line and squeeze it off. By sewing new micro beads onto the tracks of the micro bead weft it will create a firmer hold, it is time consuming but worth the effort to know your micro bead weft is secure.

Reasons this method is perfect for you:

AAAAA+ Salon Grade 100% Remy human hair, Hair lasts from 12 – 24 months with proper care, 1 meter wide weft, 100 day money back guarantee. Longest in the industry, Invisible if applied correctly, Can be used to make your own custom Clip In extensions, Free delivery in Australia, Stocked in over 1500 hair salons around the world, Same day delivery in Sydney for $17, Hair can be washed, straightened, curled and blow dried plus World class ongoing customer support.

I would suggest heading over to our video tutorials page, you will very quickly learn exactly how it will be installed. I would highly recommend having this set of extensions installed by a professional hairdresser who has been trained in micro bead weft hair extensions, this way they will be seamless and more invisible so people cannot tell that you're actually wearing them.

The invisible look is achieved by cutting widths of the Micro Bead Weft to the correct size of the head at each section then positioning them away from the outer edge of the hairline. Easy Weft is a very desirable alternative for those who want fuss free hair extensions.

As Easy Weft gain in popularity we are finding more of our exclusive salons are offering this system to their clients. HHEO Micro Bead Weft, also known as Easy Weft hair extensions are made with the highest quality 100% remy human hair. Due to the character of the Easy Weft hair you will achieve a life span of approximately 12 – 24 months given that the HHEO care instructions are followed.

HHEO Easy Weft hair extensions require some TLC to obtain their longevity. It is essential to use sulphate free products which can be purchased from our online store. HHEO stock the X-ten Silky Lite Shampoo, Conditioner and Reconstructor range. It is important to use the Reconstructor spray when applying heat from a flat iron or hair dryer, this will protect the Easy Weft hair from drying out. As the hair is predominately straight it may not be necessary to apply heat regularly unless styling.

Please do not hesitate to contact HHEO if you require any further information in regard to the Micro Bead Weft hair extensions.

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