Micro Bead Hair Extensions (I Tip)

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Why HHEO and Beaded Extensions?

Micro Bead hair extensions, commonly known as I Tip or Stick Tip are an individual strand method that is attached to your natural hair with a micro bead. This is the second most popular permanent hair extension method we stock. This exact product is sold to some of the BEST hair salons and session stylists in Australia and seems to be most popular in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

We offer a decent range of micro bead extensions in the 20 inch length. Each individual strand weighs 1 gram, we recommend wearing 100 strands for a standard full head or 150+ strands for a thick set of bead extensions. Please click on the product below to find out more about this method and read our customer reviews.

AAA+ Silky Smooth 100% Remy human ,a href="https://www.humanhairextensiononline.com.au/hheo-online-store">hair extensions, 1 grams per strand. Standard full head 100, Volume set 150+ pieces, FREE high quality silicon Micro Beads, Stocked in over 1500 hair salons around the globe, Safely add length, volume and colour, 100 day money back guarantee. Longest in the industry, Free delivery Australia wide, Unique multi tone colours for available natural blending, Hair can be washed, straightened, curled and blow dried plus World class ongoing customer support!

The application process of our micro bead extensions will take approximately an hour / an hour and a half, depending on how many strands you are getting installed. For an average full head we recommend 100 pieces. Alternatively, 150 pieces for those with thicker hair. Our I tip extensions are the best quality on the market because they are made with real remy virgin hair and weigh 1 gram each strand, meaning in 100 pieces you will get 100 grams worth of extensions!!!

The installation involves sectioning the hair, using one of our pulling needle kits to install the bead onto the hair, then placing the extensions strand through and clamping together. This creates a voluptuous, long head of hair, and if installed correctly can be a very light-weight, natural looking choice of extensions. If you are an installer please contact customer support about wholesale prices.

There are always pros and cons when it comes microbead extensions. They are very easy to maintain, only require tightening of the beads after around 6 weeks making it a cost effective method of having the hair of your dreams. The only con is the installation time is longer than other methods like tapes.

Here at hheo we also supply you with FREE silicon Micro-Beads with every order of for i-tip extensions. This means that you don’t have to spend the extra $$ on purchasing more. Because of the high quality, 100% Remy Asian hair, you are able to RE-USE your I-Tip extensions from human hair extensions online. Again another cost effective reason to use HHEO for all your hair extension needs.

We have the largest range of microbead extensions in Australia, which include our perfectly mastered #1 Jet black, #2 Dark Brown, #4 Chestnut Brown, #8 Light Brown, #12 Dirty Blonde, #24 Golden Blonde, #60 White Blonde, #613 Beach Blonde and even our most popular mixed blonde colour #18/613.

If you’re wanting advice on how many you would need and what colour, feel free to contact us through our free colour match service. One of our colour experts will be with you. If you are already wearing our stunning products, we would love it if you could leave a review.

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