Machine Weft Hair Extensions

Machine Weft Hair Extensions

Machine weft hair extensions are very popular as they quick and easy to install / remove which makes them quiet cost effective compared to single strand methods. You can also easily mix colours to achieve a highlighted look to match your natural hair. They can be installed in several ways, but most commonly by sewing the hair weft into braided track of your natural hair. A full head which is generally 3-4 rows will take approximately one hour. They will then not need to be retightened for 6-12 weeks, depending on the growth of your hair.

Our weave in hair extensions are 1.6 meters wide and weigh 100 grams, we have 12 different hair colours and stock the most popular length which is 20 inch (51cms). To find our more information about our weft hair extensions and read product reviews click on the item below.

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    rsz_pexels-photo-227310 (1)

    For most of us who have made hair extensions a part of our daily lives, we can totally say that these hair products are a modern day miracle. They have made looking more attractive and desirable, a much easier task. Don’t like your new haircut? Wear hair extensions. Want to add volume to your lifeless tresses? Go for hair extensions. Need to put variations to your hair color? Again, the answer to that is hair extensions.

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  • Smart ways to handle oily hair

    bye bye greasy hair

    Oil producing glands depends on each person some produce more than others. It varies in each person because of several factors like genetic factor, stress, diet, medication or wrong hair product. Here is how to take care of you oily hair and make it look silky and less greasy.

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  • What are weft hair extensions?

    what are weft hair extensions

    Weft hair extensions are traditionally known as “machine weft” which is one long piece of hair extensions which is sewn together. This is then cut up into sections to fit a person’s head. It is sewn to a braid which is done by a professional hairdresser and several rows are added until the desired thickness is achieved.

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  • How to tell if it's Remy Hair Extensions?

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    Here at Human Hair extensions Online we stock 100% Remy human hair extensions. Have you ever wondered what Remy hair means? Remy hair basically means that the hair cuticle is still intact and that the hair is running the way it naturally grew.

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  • Remy Hair Extensions


    Remy hair is the best quality hair used in quality hair extensions today. It can be regard as natural hair when applied and blend to your original hair. Remy hair can be trimmed, dyed, curled and blow dried just like your normal hair. Although these are more expensive compared to other types of hair extensions, when it comes to benefits and quality its worth paying a little bit extra for.

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