Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions

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Backcomb Twist Double Ended Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions (DE Dreads) 20 Inch
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Synthetic Dreads by HHEO

Human Hair Extensions Online (HHEO) is proud to bring in yet another exciting option for your hairstyle improvement needs! Synthetic Dreadlocks are one of today’s most promising hair extension types on the market that is most celebrated amongst men and women who have been wanting to achieve the rope-like hair structure and texture. We offer top grade synthetic dreads in the most in-demand lengths and popular colours of Black, Brown, Blonde, Ombre and Balayage options. So there surely is something for everyone here in HHEO.

Faux Dreadlock is a great alternative for people who want to achieve cool dreads but are faced with natural hair problems such as thin hair, or simply lack of ideas when it comes to its maintenance and motivation to maintain it. With HHEO’s Synthetic Dreadlocks, Extensions you can easily get that same exact look of real dreads and take them out in a couple of weeks easily without having to chop your hair off or shave it completely or even worry about the potentially high risk of damaging your real hair.