Micro Bead Weft Hair Extensions (Eze Weft)

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Micro Bead Weft / EZ / Easy Weft 20" (51cm) AAAAA+ Grade Remy Human Hair Extensions
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#02 Dark Brown
#4 Chestnut Brown
#60 White Blonde
#613 Beach Blonde


HHEO Micro Bead Weft hair extensions are an advanced and less visible version of Machine Weft or sew in hair extensions. It is a long uncut weft of hair approximately 1m wide with silicon micro beads attached and placed approximately 1cm apart along the track. Installation requires a small hook, loop or needle to pull your natural hair through the silicon micro beads. The beads are then firmly squeezed together using HHEO pliers. Due to the speed and efficiency of installing and removing Micro Bead wefts, it's a cost effective product. Above all this method is extremely comfortable and easy to maintain.

Also known as EZ, EZE, Easy and Micro Weft hair extensions. We currently stock this range in a 20 inch length and is available in 7 different shades of brown and blonde and is thick from top to bottom. We recommend this method be installed by a trained professional or in a hair salon, however, for the experienced person it can be installed at home! For a permanent, maintenance free hair extension option that gets stunning results, then I would definitely recommend this method! It’s made with the highest grade of human remy hair available so you’ll have no problems with knotting or tangling.