24 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions - 100% Remy Hair - 5 piece 140 gram set

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24 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions - 100% Remy Hair - 5 piece 140 gram set

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This hair is of very high quality. We have searched far and wide around the world to find this amazing hair, we are confident that it is the best quality you will find on the internet!

Made from silky smooth 100% AAA+++ Grade Remy Human Hair our 8 piece clip in Deluxe set is great for people with medium to thick hair wanting to add length and extra volume, or if you have thin hair to add extra length and significant volume.

100 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Directions: Hair can be washed, straightened, curled and blow dried.

NOTE, this set is a full head set suitable for most people with medium to thick hair that want to add length and volume.

Please note: Colour may vary depending on the colour setting of your computer screen. If unsure use our free colour match service.



Type: Clip In, Triple Wefted
Length: 24" (61cm)
Weight: 140 Grams


1 x 20cm wide, 5 clip piece
1 x 15cm wide, 3 clip piece
1 x 10cm wide, 2 clip piece
2 x 3.5cm wide, 1 clip pieces
Total = 5 Pieces

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Brush natural hair and your HHEO extensions to remove all knots.
Step 2: It’s very important to style your natural hair before installation to achieve seamless results! Depending on your hair type, you may want to add extra volume to your hair by blow drying or if your hair is wavy you will want to straighten it (especially the tips).
Step 3: Make a horizontal part just below the top of your ears. Secure hair above the part line with alligator clips. Tease your hair where the clips will be positioned as this will make your extensions more secure. Now place the 2 clip piece below the part (clips facing inwards) and close the clips.
Step 4: Unclip hair and resection 2.5cm above the first row (just above your ears). Now install 3 clip piece, secure the centre clip first then the two outer clips.
Step 5: Unclip hair again and resection 2.5cm above 2nd row. Now install 5 clip piece, start with centre clip and work your way across.
Step 6: Unclip your hair and on side of head section your hair just above your ear and insert a 1 clip piece. Don’t go to close to front hair line to ensure it’s not visible and is comfortable.
Step 7: Repeat last step on other side.

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