Olive oil isn’t just for consumption and making the skin look and feel healthy. It can also be applied to hair. When used as a hair mask, it can help improve the feel, manageability, and look of the strands. They will look shiny, be durable, and easy to comb. Shiny, durable, and easy to comb locks look great and are easy to style. Accessories such as Human Hair Extensions Online products will make them look even better.

Olive Oil and Honey Hair Mask

1. Get extra virgin olive oil for use as mask base. Half a cup of extra virgin olive oil is more than enough to serve as mask base.

2. Pour into a glass mason jar with resealable lid a quarter cup of raw honey. Raw honey not only helps seal in moisture, it is also rich in highly essential anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants. These compounds are what make raw honey ideal for use in restoring damaged strands.

3. Pierce three vitamin E capsules. Squeeze contents into mixture of honey and olive oil, then whisk together until a smooth and manageable consistency is achieved. The mixture to use should not be too sticky.

4. Use a paintbrush or basting brush to apply mask to damp locks. Concentrate on ends, which are usually dry and damaged. When applying, make sure to evenly distribute mixture across all strands.

5. Cover strands with shower cap.

6. Rinse mixture with warm water until strands feel supple and loose. Apply shampoo and conditioner afterwards.

Olive Oil and Coconut Oil Mask

1. Choose quality coconut oil to serve as the base of the mixture. You want to use extra virgin coconut oil, which is great for damaged strands since its fatty acid composition can penetrate hair more effectively than many other oils. The same type of coconut oil also is a great treatment against dandruff and scalp itchiness.

2. Mix coconut oil (two parts) and extra virgin olive oil (one part) together. Stir together in a glass jar.

3. Apply the resulting mixture to hair by massaging. Focus on ends, since these are usually the driest, most damaged part of hair.

4. Wrap hair with your shower cap, and leave it in overnight.

Olive Oil and Banana Mask

1. Peel, then mash a ripe (yellow) banana in a bowl. Each banana is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, both of which keep the hair healthy. The pectin and sugar in bananas help in moisture retention.

2. Add a quarter cup extra virgin olive oil, then vigorously whisk until the resulting mixture is smooth. When whisking, make sure to break any big chunks down.

3. Stir in one teaspoon raw organic honey, which has a lot of antioxidants.

4. Massage in the resulting mixture through hair.

5. Wrap hair with a shower cap.

6. Thoroughly rinse out of hair with warm water.

An olive oil hair mask can be your best friend if you want tape hair extensions in AU to blend well with your real locks. So decide on the right blend to create and use today.