Wigs has been around for quite a while so it’s not something new to you. But do you know how to apply the unit? Maybe so, but can you get it to stay in place successfully? It may sound easy, but it’s actually quite complicated or it entails a lot of patience to get it stay secure. A lot of wig malfunction happens when wigs slip out of place. And this is want we want to avoid at all cost. The first step should be choosing the right wig for you, make sure that the texture, the colour and the style would match your facial feature. Quality wigs should always be considered so if you know where to buy one then that is great. Meanwhile, for those who doesn’t have any idea where to buy them. You could try some of the hair extensions supplier as they usually do offer wigs too. Human Hair Extensions Online sell high quality hair extensions, so you might want to try your search here.

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HHEO-clip-in-hair-extensionsDo you know that wigs have stronger hold when you use both tape and adhesive? Yes, that’s right, getting the best of both will make your wig stay secure longer than using either tape or adhesive.For lace wearers, most do not glue down the back portion of the wig, instead they use bobby pin or clips. But it is recommended that you apply adhesive to the wig especially when you are fond of wearing a ponytail.woman wearing wigAnother useful tip to secure the wig on your head is to tie a scarf around your head and let it stay in place for at least 20 to 30 minutes.Store wigs on a wig stand to prevent the unit from being deformed by wrong storing. Putting them on the wig stand will help it keep its shape and make them last longer.Human hair wigs last longer than synthetic wigs. And of course human hair would look more natural hair compared to the synthetic hair.Avoid wet application to your hair for the next 24-48 hours to allow the adhesive and tape to do its work.Do not use alcohol based products or oils to avoid displacement of the unit. Be extra mindful when you are cleaning and toning your face ensure that it does not touch the bonded area to avoid loosening of the unit.Always keep the lace perimeter, area dry or your wig will lift earlier than it should. This can help make your unit stay in place longer.To make the wig stay secure, always shave off baby hairs at the hairline area. Clearing the area provides a stronger bond between the wig and your scalp.Hair wigs are a great way to support your locks while you are still regrowing it. We all know it takes forever to grow your own hair so now you can enjoy wearing wigs while waiting for it to grow to the length you want.It is an exciting and non-permanent way of experimenting new looks. With today’s trend, there are a thousand of choices out there from colours to style, you have a lot of options depending on your styling appetite.