The type of wig you wear would always depend on your budget, personal preference and the length of time you plan to wear the wig. For some women they might like a particular wig which is not what the other one might want. So it still boils down to choosing according to individual needs. Like for example, if you wanted the wig for a short term period you can opt for a a synthetic hair because it’s a lot cheaper or if you are wanting a wig that you can use for a long time than a human hair wig should be highly recommended. Human Hair Extension Online is selling the highest quality hair extensions in the market and soon to add wigs as one of their product lines.

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There are several types of wigs in the market, but whatever it is you decide the proper application of the wig is very important in making it look natural looking. Wigs can be can be worn differently, however, there are basic steps that can apply to all types of hair wigs.

mannequin wigs

Step #1

To prepare the wig for application, we need to clamp the hairs away from the edge of the wig that way it will not be caught up when the wig is attached to the head. More so if you are using an adhesive glue to secure the wig. If you are using the lace wigs, you can trim it at the hairline and be extra careful not to damage the edge of the hairline.

Step #2

Now we need to prepare our natural hair by braiding it as evenly as you can and secure it on the scalp. Pull all the natural hair back from hairline to let them stay hidden before wearing the wig.

Step #3

Prep the skin with alcohol to get rid of the oil to firmly secure the wig and prevent the wig from slipping. Using a cotton swab, wipe hairline gently. You can now apply adhesive onto the skin and the edge of the wig cap.

Step #4

It’s time to apply the wig! If you are using a glue, start at the mid portion of your forehead going to the sides. Gently pressed onto the skin as you go along the way until you have done the entire hairline. Once done, check for any smudges of glue at the hairline and gently clean it with an alcohol-dipped Q-tip.

If you are using tape adhesive, however you apply it starting at the same spot as the glue, but apply the adhesive strip one at a time.

Step #5

You are now ready to style it according to your taste. Just make sure the adhesive is holding on firmly to your scalp.

Are you now confident to attach the wig onto your scalp? Alright, make their jaws drop!