One of the reasons why women go for human hair extensions is because it offers styling flexibility, unlike synthetic hair extensions. Real human hair extensions let you wash, style, and even tone the hair just as you would with your natural hair. It’s one of the best reasons why human hair extensions are the most sought after type of hair extensions on the market right now.

With the numerous brands of human hair extensions that are made available both online and through local stores, it makes it tough to choose which hair extensions brand you should be shopping for and which brand you can trust to deliver the quality it promises. Although the benefits of this product can be promising, especially in styling, still, there will be occasions wherein you may stumble upon minor issues like Why Won’t Human Hair Extensions Hold Curls?

In this article, let’s talk about what are the most common reasons why this styling problem occurs.


Did you notice your hair extensions not holding curls that well? There are several reasons why this happens, and it mainly boils down to the hair material used.


See, most of the hair extensions brands that we know source their products from Asian countries who lead exporting and importing in the hair industry. With the abundant raw hair materials ethically sourced from healthy donors, this also makes Remy human hair extensions price friendly for most hair extensions companies. On the other hand, Europen hair is quite pricey and is, most of the time, mixed with synthetic strands and then selling it off the market as pure European hair at an incredibly high cost. Asian hair extensions are of premium quality, and thousands of women across the globe love their Asian human hair extensions.

If we look at the characteristics of Asians, one of the most prominent things about them is their hair. Now, we have what we call typical Asian hair where the hair is sleek, straight, and shiny. However, some have thicker and coarser hair strands like other races. In short, not all Asians were born with the same type of hair; thus, not all hair holds curls that long. Some would; others won’t.


Aside from Origin, did you know that the actual structure of your hair extension also has something to do with why it does not hold curls that long? Yes, babe! Some hair extensions Brisbane brands are not 100% human hair. What do we mean by this? Well, we all know that real human hair extensions do not come cheap like synthetic ones or an animal or horse hair extensions. Some brands may bend the composition of the extensions and mix human hair with synthetic or horsehair to make it thicker and can offer for a price that’s slightly cheaper than a pure human hair. If you happen to own a set that is synthetically mixed or mixed with horse or animal hair, you may notice that some strand can burn while styling it with your hair curler, or they won’t curl at all.


A lot of people often mistake hair curling as grabbing your curling wand and getting a piece of hair, then start wrapping that hair on your curling wand. We’re sure that you can name a person or two who does this. The thing is, when curling your hair or hair extensions, you must prepare your hair by using products that can help hold curls before you even run that curling wand on your hair. There are moose, heat protection spray, or hair sprays with a dry texture that you can apply to your hair before styling it, and this can help make your hair a little coarser making the curls hold longer.


Lastly, you may be using the wrong tools, babe. Yes, there are tons of curling irons out there with their pretty colours and designs, but some things that people usually overlook are the following:

  1. Quality: Upgrade your curling iron or wand with ceramic plates that heat equally throughout. This can help make sure that your curls will be of the same size.
  2. Heat: You do not need a super hot curling iron to curl our hair. If your hair is naturally thick, then you can use a higher heat level than someone who has fine or thin hair. Try setting your iron between 300 to 400 degrees. And please take note, it should never go beyond 400 if you don’t want to end up frying those curls.
  3. Barrel Size: If you have short hair, you can surely create luscious curls using thinner barrels while regular to larger barrels for those who sport long hair.

Hair extensions are an excellent accessory that can help us enhance our hair length, volume, and overall look. However, it is also necessary that we treat hair extensions, not just a product that we put on to our hair, but also an investment that we have to take care of regardless of what style they can or cannot hold.