There are tons of hair problems that women worldwide struggle with, and we understand how stressful these issues are. We know how these hair problems affect overall confidence and overall look. In this article, we will help answer the most asked questions like  Why Does My Hair Shed? Or what causes my hair to shed? 

So if you also are on the same boat as other women experiencing this hair issue, keep on reading!

Hair Shedding

Let’s face it! Hair shedding can be extremely embarrassing and frustrating, especially when you find your hair all over your sheets, furniture, and even bedroom or shower floors. Not to mention, the repetitive vacuuming session to clear your hair strands off the flooring.

Although hair shedding can be normal based on the life cycle of human hair, excessive hair shedding is not. Let’s look into the reason why you experience excessive hair shedding.

Why Am I Experiencing Hair Shedding?

There is a huge difference between hair shedding and hair loss. Hair shedding is not always something to worry about as it is, technically, healthy. As a matter of fact, a person can lose 50 up to 100 hair strands daily, and we do not notice this happening. However, this can go beyond 100 hair strands when you shower or detangle hair for the first time after a week of not doing so. Remember, the life cycle of our hair involves growth, resting, and shedding periods. However, what if you noticed that you have been excessively shedding for about weeks and started to see bald patches on your head? Well, babe, your hair is trying to tell you something.

Hair loss is a common problem men and women of all ages experience and is a natural phenomenon as we go throughout our lives. This is also one of the reasons why hair extensions were invented to help provide an instant solution to this problem. But let’s do a deep dive on what causes us to excessively shed, shall we?


One of the most common chemical processes that our hair goes through is chair colouring. We know that it is fun to change hair colours, but doing this so often can cause you hair damage and shedding. Bleaching, for example, exposes our hair to high levels of peroxide, which can lead to hair shedding.

According to studies, the aggressive chemicals contained by hair colourants such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia break the protein in your hair, making each hair strand weak, brittle, and extremely dry. Exposing your hair to these chemicals promotes breakage, loss of hair elasticity, and eventually shedding. Other chemical processes, such as getting a perm or rebonding, can also contribute to hair shedding.

Women often opt to wear tape in hair extensions to help them fill in the hair loss from shedding, making their hair look thicker.


Did you notice that you shed more hair during November, December, and early parts of January? It is not because it’s the season of festivities and all that, but as seasons change, our hair and scalp adapt to the environmental changes. Research shows that during cold seasons like winter or fall, the temperature during these seasons leaves the hair and scalp dry, and hair follicle does not hold on to hair tightly, which eventually can lead to shedding.


Too much hairstyling also promotes hair shedding. See, wherever we apply heat to our hair using hair dryers, curling wands, and straighteners, the heat dries out our hair causing damage to the point that it becomes prone to breakage. Once this happens, shedding becomes inevitable. 

You can try heartless curling methods like sock bun and leaving it on your hair overnight. This is also great for your favourite human hair extensions Sydney  brand too without damaging your hair extensions.