This year has been unusual and rough for everyone globally, and 2020 has affected us in ways we never thought could even happen. Even so, the holiday season is just around the corner, and everyone is anticipating this incredible time of the year. Pretty sure you’ve got your list of things to do this holiday, not to mention your work projects and a whole lot more. However, don’t you think a quick getaway at the salon will be good? This year may have gotten the best of most of us, and so we deserve a little pause; and this is Why You Must Consider Visiting The Salon This Holiday and look your best.

Hair Requires Checkups Too

Checkups? Come on. This isn’t just for our body’s health and cars. Our hair needs checkups, too, not with a doctor, but with our trusty hairdressers. Since this pandemic hit us badly and affected our work routine and income (sad truth, guilty!), we undoubtedly suffered a tremendous amount of stress. And as we all know, pressure or stress is one of the significant causes of hair strand weakening resulting in hair loss. Some salons and even derm clinics offer hair and scalp evaluation, where a unique device with a camera on it can help diagnose the condition of your scalp and hair roots. With this, you can be made aware of your scalp and hair health and get proper and better hair care options when necessary.


Whether you are wearing human hair extensions or not, your hair needs rejuvenation. Yes, there are products that you can buy online or from your favourite store for hair rejuvenation, but with the whole thing going on, when was the last time you had the chance to pop that bottle and rejuvenate your hair from home? I guess the answer is, “I can’t remember.” Well, that’s alright because we all are guilty. Schedule an appointment now and give yourself that well-deserved break from all the 2020 madness.


Well, Darl, if you are using tape-in extensions, the more you have reasons to get a salon appointment, pronto! See, as your natural hair grows, the base of your tape extensions move further away from your roots (where they are originally positioned). Usually, tape extensions require retaping anywhere every 6 to 8 weeks. 

So, if you don’t wish to go partying this holiday season with that tape bond hanging on your hair for everyone to notice, get that chair reserved now!

Be Camera-Ready

With the new norm of moving corporate processes from your office to the comfort of your home, you’ve got to be a camera-ready girl! Zoom meetings, Skype and Google Hangouts, calls scheduled here and there, doesn’t matter if you are on your homey tees and pajamas or if you are attending some intimate holiday gatherings. You’d rock any outfit with that gorgeous salon hair or freshly installed set of weft anytime!

You Deserve It!

We won’t get tired of reminding you that you deserve some treat! You’ve done your very best this year, despite the crazy challenges thrown at you by 2020, and you didn’t back down girl, that’s one proud moment right there! So reward yourself. Treat yourself to a salon pampering. Get your hair done, get those pretty nail paints and foot spa, or maybe a soothing 60-minute Swedish massage to calm your tensed muscles (well, some salons offer body massage too, so best to check their menu). Grab that mobile phone now and call your favourite hairdresser to help you book that appointment this season.