Hair colours have gazillions of tones, tint and shades which are uniquely their own and equally beautiful. Strawberry blonde hair usually stands out because of its distinctive combination of blonde and reddish tint on it. So when the sun hits the hair it playfully adds brilliant light reflections and presents a spark of vivid red for pure delight. Human hair extensions online stock this trendy Strawberry Blonde tone; so if you’re ready to try a subtle twist in hair colour you gotta try this.

Experience the excitement wearing our Strawberry Blonde hair extensions:


The big question is who can wear this hair tone? Well almost anyone with light rosy skin will look sensational wearing that hair tone. But it rarely looks good when combined with freckled pale skin gals. Although I might add that there are few who can actually pull it off.


Good news is there are literally a lot of professional dyes and skillful colorist who can achieve the strawberry blonde that is just perfect for you. As we all know there are a lot of strawberry blonde varieties from classic to bold which could look flattering for women and girls alike.

The strawberry is not auburn, chestnut or ginger therefore it does not compliment everyone. So you will have to sort out and experiment the reddish blonde hues that flatters your skin tone. Some of the variations are lighter and darker versions, softer ones and intense. So choose your best bet carefully.

Take note that coloring your hair Strawberry Blonde will not have the same effect on everyone the end result will always depend on your hair colour. If you have a darker shade than that of strawberry blonde then the result will be more subtle compared to a lighter hair which will give out the best results.

To make your strawberry blonde shade last, you should adapt a hair care regimen created for blonde hair. You must preserve its red tint that creates dramatic impact. Adding strawberry blonde hair extensions would clearly emphasize your crowning beauty at its optimal level.

There are actually forty or more stunning shades of strawberry blonde so there is basically no reason you can’t find one that suits your taste or flatter your looks. There are pastel pink or tangerine tints. Then there are also reds like copper red which ever catches your interest; be a little bold to try it.

People may fall into either of these categories: cool tones and warm tones and since strawberry blonde is uncommon it’s perfect for warmer skin tones. Generally, they look great on people with green-blue, golden brown, green and hazel eyes.

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