Hair Extensions revolutionised the world of hair and beauty, the fact that we all can agree. Ever since hair extensions became popular, more and more women revived their confidence because they are now capable of compensating for their thinning hair with a quick fix! Unfortunately, lots of women worldwide face different daily issues that contribute to thinning hair or hair fall. The number one factor is stress. Stress is inevitable, and women are mostly subject to a higher level of stress on physical, emotional, and psychological levels. Yes, both emotional and psychological stress play a significant role, as a hormone called cortisol or often called a stress hormone comes into play. This hormone can pretty much mess up anything, especially hair growth. Other uncontrollable reasons, such as genetic composition, should also be considered. Not everyone is born with that vavavoom hair gene. Lastly, the hair products that we use are a major highlight of this issue.

Fortunately, with the advanced technology that we enjoy nowadays, products like human hair extensions are made available. You no longer need to stress over your thinning, short, or flat hair babe. You just got to determine which hair extensions are best for your hair.

Which hair extensions are best for me?

We all have asked ourselves this same question at one point, and most newbies also ask this when they go online window shopping at several hair extensions stores. However, to address this question, we have to address some prerequisites: Why do I want to wear hair extensions? Do I want something permanent or something I can take off easily later? Do I have any plans of changing my hair colour later on? How much am I willing to spend? See, there are lots of sub-questions that you need to answer to get yourself the best hair extensions that will surely work or you. But fret not, that’s why we created this article so we can help you solve these questions.

Why do I want to wear hair extensions?

Although you may want to level up your look by increasing hair volume or length, we need to understand if you are experiencing cases of scalp problems, use aggressive hair products and others. It will allow us to identify which hair extensions method is right for you. For example, if you are already experiencing bald spots, clip-in extensions may not be the right type for you since it can, with improper use, cause bald spots. It may cause your spots to worsen. In this case, tape extensions can help partially cover up those spots by applying tape-ins on the nearest hair partition then restyle the way you part your hair.

Do I want something permanent or something I can take off easily later? 

Another relevant question that we need to answer is, are you ready to go permanent? Or you want something to wear when you feel like it? See, when you go for extensions like tape-ins, weave, or wefts, these types are considered semi-permanent as they will stay on your hair for a long time. Once you have them installed, there is no way for you to remove it on your own without potentially causing your hair damage, especially if you are not equipped to uninstall those hair extensions. On the contrary, if you wish to try how it is to be wearing extensions, getting familiar with it, or want to wear it for a special occasion, then temporary ones like clip-ins and ponytails will do the magic! These types will let you install and uninstall them without the help of a professional hairdresser and will surely save you some bucks.

Do I have any plans of changing my hair colour later on?

Why are we even talking about hair colour? If you enjoy exploring different looks by changing the hair colour, you may want to invest in hair extensions made of 100% Remy human hair. Synthetic hair extensions do not give you this option. Simple.

How much am I willing to spend?

Of course, when shopping for hair extensions, we should never compromise the amount that our pockets are willing to spend. Generally, if you want something that gives you that natural feel and look, the best we can recommend is getting human hair extensions. Besides giving you a flawless blend, you can style, tone, and treat it as you would with your natural hair. And yes, this type will cost you more than synthetic. However, if you are planning to wear extensions for a temporary purpose and have limited credits, you can play around with synthetic options. If you’re happy to upgrade later on, you can switch to getting human hair extensions Sydney brands online.

Now there can be lots of other questions that you might have about choosing the right hair extensions type. If you need help with recommendations, feel free to get in touch with us by emailing at We’ll be waiting!