Hair extensions have made a worldwide trend amongst women as they promise luscious and voluminous hair in under a few minutes. That sounds promising and convenient indeed, as women will no longer have to wait for weeks, months, and even years to grow their desired hair length and achieve that extra hair volume.

 However, with the relatively increased demand for hair extensions, the supply for the raw hair is now taking the spotlight. If you have a set of hair extensions, have you ever wondered where companies source the hair used for hair extensions? I know you may have already heard that some companies use unethically sourced hair from the corpse. Yikes! I know it gives us the creeps too, but others claim that this is happening, although we do not have any hard evidence about this speculation.

On the other hand, numerous hair extensions manufacturers ethically sourced hair from donors. That means with their full consent or is voluntary, and most of all, they choose donors that provide well-nourished hair. Of course, quality comes first, right babe? Many hair extensions users, especially those who are new to wearing one, wonder Where Do Human Hair Extensions Come From?

Where Do Human Hair Extensions Come From?

Countries like Brazil, India, Cambodia, and China are the top countries where wigs and hair extensions originated from and up to this day are the top suppliers globally. China is the largest exporter and importer of these products, ethically sourced raw hair material from its population. As we all know, China consistently ranks number 1 in the Global Population Count with a total of 1,439,323,776 according to the  World Population Prospects: The 2019 Revision. That being said, about 95% of hair extensions brands source their hair extensions from this country, but sadly, some brands would claim that they source it from European countries.

Considering China’s population and the abundance of the raw hair material, the processed hair extensions like tape in hair extensions or clip in hair extensions are expected to come cheap. Whilst, European hair extensions will cost you more as the supply is limited, and there are not many women out there who are willing to chop their hair off for a fraction of money. This is a reality that most people are not aware of or tend to shut their eyes to. Also, European and Brazilian hair is the most sought after hair extensions by most women. As mentioned earlier, they are way more expensive than other origins, plus there’s not much supply. Some manufacturers end up synthetically replicating this hair and selling as real human hair on the market when it is actually fake.

 Is it true that some extensions come from animals or horsehair?

Well, for some suppliers, yes, this is true. The availability of raw hair material can be quite a challenge now, especially since the demand has spiked since it debuted on the market. However, human hair extensions Australia brands like HHEO Hair Extensions have been proven to use only 100% Remy Human Hair, ethically sourced from donors.

How Can I Be Sure that My Extensions are Real Human Hair?

Simply take this as a checklist:

  1. Check the Price. Extensions priced super low is a red flag and is most likely synthetic. This is one crucial factor you have to look into, especially if you are buying off an online store where you cannot feel and see the real extensions. Real human hair extensions do not come cheap. Yes, they don’t.
  2. Classic Burn Test. If you feel anxious about your hair not being the real thing, simply grab a strand of your hair extensions and burn a portion with a lighter. If the strand turns black and looks as if it is melting, then you got synthetic hair right there, babe. However, real human hair turns into ash and has that burnt scent to it. And oh! It should create that smokey effect too.

Then Where Can I Buy Real Human Hair Extensions?

The truth is, with the number of brands that are available both online and at local front-facing hair extensions stores, it can be tough to tell which is which. The best thing to do is go to reputable companies with excellent real customer feedback like the HHEO Hair Extensions Sydney brand, where salons and customers have tested and recommended this brand over and over again.

To sum it up, purchasing hair extensions will take a lot of research, review checking, and just more research. So the best thing to do first is to check out the reviews first about a certain brand before adding that item to your cart.

If you have questions or need more tips on how to differentiate fake hair extensions from real human hair extensions, email us at