It’s no surprise that women around the world have so many things listed on their beauty checklist. But do you know what tops this beauty goals checklist? It’s having a long, voluminous and healthy-looking hair! Yes, darling, you read it right. Having beautiful hair has always been considered as an immortal fashion. This doesn’t only provide limitless possibilities when it comes to hair styling, but it makes an individual feel more confident about themselves knowing that they look great with their luscious hair. 

Reality Check: Not everyone has that “gorgeous hair” genetics in them that’s why for some people, growing their hair can be a bit of an impossible mission. Good news is, you no longer have to be genetically blessed to achieve that long, thick and envy-worthy hair! Human Hair Extensions Online is here to get you through and slay the day like a diva!

You’ll find an ocean of options online when you type in best hair extensions Australia in search engines like Google, Yahoo or what have you. And trust me, results can be really overwhelming, that you wouldn’t even know which link to click on first or which store to really trust and invest your hard-earned money on for a set of human hair extensions.

Lots and lots of women are turning to hair extensions when it comes to solving their hair problems or hair fashion emergencies. But since the hair extensions market is vast, we want to make sure that you’re ending up with the best decision ever, and that is absolutely worth every cent that you’re about to spend.

Human Hair Extensions come in different methods such as Tape In, Clip on, Weft, Ponytail, Sew in and a whole lot more. However, Tape In Human Hair Extensions is undeniably the all-time favorite by many customers both in Australia and worldwide. Aside from the convenience of not having to install them daily, tape in is an excellent choice for those who worry about damaging their hair when using glue or other techniques when installing hair extensions. Tape-ins are totally safe and don’t cause any damage to your hair, especially when installed and taken off properly.

Here are things to consider so you can easily identify what’s the best tape hair extensions brand in Australia:


Hair extensions are either human hair or synthetic. You can easily identify which is primarily based on their price. Synthetic comes cheap because it is abundant and very easy for manufacturers to source. Though it’s budget-friendly, you have more of the cons to deal with later on. Unlike getting real human hair extensions, it may be priced a little bit more than synthetic hair, but the pros surely compensates for its prices like flexibility in styling (which you can’t by the way with synthetic hair), longer life span (up to 24 months with proper care) and natural look and feel that no one will even notice you have hair extensions on.

HHEO offers 100% tape in Remy human hair extensions that flawlessly blends with your natural hair giving you that extra length and volume you’ve always wanted. You can check out our complete tape in collections by clicking HERE.


It pays to do your research on brands and their products before you go spending your money. Nowadays, each brand has its own platforms where customers can share their feedback about the products and services being offered by each company. Feedback also helps provide details about pricing, the shipping experience and the quality of product primarily. 

Thousands of big and startup brands you can find online are showing off all the possibilities that they can offer should you decide to put your money on their product. But how can we identify which brand can we really trust? We highly recommend checking out online reviews, recommendations by people you know and even reading the company’s policies, product descriptions, and all other available options before you even place your order. In that way, you know what you’re getting yourself in to.


Aside from the hair quality, it is also important to check the quality of the pre-fitted tapes. This part of the hair is crucial as it is the part that secures the bond with your natural hair. If you have poor tape quality, then we bet you’re going to see your tape extensions slipping through maybe just after you first wash your hair 48 hours after installation.

With HHEO tape in extensions, we make sure that you get the best quality set on the market. Aside from the 100% Remy human hair, we only use double-sided USA grade tapes which are waterproof, extremely easy to install and holds up to 4 weeks, It’s hypoallergenic making it perfect for anyone to use.


Aside from checking the product quality, company reputation, and customer review consider a brand that makes shopping easy and convenient for you. From getting all the helpful information about products through customer support team, order processing and even return or exchange processes should be easy for you. Look for a brand that cares about making things easy for you and provides you with options to suit your needs. Aside from wide range of length, colour, and expedited shipping options, companies that offer hair extensions Afterpay and zipPay should be also factored in since pay later services like these allows customers to get their most loved products immediately even while waiting for their next paycheque then pay the products off later.

So when looking for the best tape extension brand online, make sure to look into these factors and check out brands like Human Hair Extensions Online and get the top fo the line hair extensions plus the best customer service that you deserve.