It’s exciting to get a new haircut but can be frustrating when you’re not satisfied with the result. Your hairdresser may have cut your tresses too short and you feel awful with the haircut. If you’re going through this right now, you don’t have to feel bad about it because there are tons of ways you can style your locks and shake up your look even when you loathe your new cut. One way to do that is by investing in a set of premium quality hair extensions which you can get at Human Hair Extensions Online. We provide top class products which are all made of genuine Remy human hair.


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It’s hard to imagine the horror of a bad haircut. We dread even just the thought of it. You go to a salon thinking you’d look and feel better with a new cut but what happens is the opposite. So what do you do when this happens to you? Here are helpful tips you can follow to overcome and deal with a haircut you hate.

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1. Gently talk to the hairdresser and give feedback
You may feel like punching your hairdresser in the face after seeing your new haircut but doing that would never resolve the issue and would only lead you to trouble. No matter how disappointed you are, don’t overreact and learn to control your emotions. The best thing you can do is talk with your hairstylist but do so in a polite manner. Discuss with him/her what you honestly think about the cut. If you’re truly disappointed, just be honest and tell him/her about that. Most likely your hairstylist will offer to fix the haircut for free.

2. Accept and own the cut
What’s done is done, all you can do is deal with it. You can no longer bring back your previous cut, so you just have to accept and own the new one. Style it any way you want. You may be surprised to see good results after styling it. Look on the web for cute and easy hairstyles suitable for short hair. You’ll be inspired by a number of girls rocking creatively styled short hair. Just be careful when using heat styling tools. They can destroy your tresses when used regularly which in turn could hinder the growth of your tresses.

3. Wear hair extensions
As mentioned above, wearing extensions is among the most effective ways you can do to cover a bad haircut. This is the easiest and fastest way also to add length and volume to your locks. Just choose from a variety extensions available in the market. When choosing the best type of extensions to wear, you have to consider your needs, lifestyle and personal preference.

4. Invest in hair growth products
Your primary goal right now is to grow your hair out as fast as possible. It would be a good idea to purchase hair products that promote faster hair growth. You may also take hair-friendly supplements which could help your tresses grow faster and repair any hair damage.