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As the 2020 year ends and heads on towards the Holiday Season, we’d like to know What Is On Your Christmas Wishlist? If you haven’t thought of this yet, but want something worthwhile? Well, no worries, sweetheart, we’ve got you covered!

What Is On Your Christmas Wishlist? 

As we all know, this year has not been too easy on everyone with the pandemic going on and natural catastrophes here and there. We can’t help but live in stress and strive to get over all these and wish we could fast forward to 2021. We asked many girlfriends and asked them what they wanted for this holiday, and here’s a round-up of what most ladies wanted to end this year with a bang!

All I want is a professional hair care

Welcome the holiday season with an ‘At Home’ professional hair care products from the best hair extensions Australia brand HHEO. If you are tired of dealing with dry and frizzy hair, you must try this X-TEN silky lite shampoo and conditioner combo, which is also an excellent hair care combo if you have tape-in hair extensions on. You can also achieve maximum professional hair care at home by using X-Ten Silky Lite Polishing Milk to help repair split ends and tame those unwanted frizzes.

All I want is a longer and fuller-looking hair

Now darling, having fuller and longer looking hair is just one check-out away. Thanks to our advanced technology, having that #hairgoal can be achieved instantly without having to go through that torturous months to years of growing few inches of your hair. If you want to have that ‘I woke up like this’ voluminous, long hair, tape extensions are the best ones for you. But if you are after a temporary hair upgrade for a special occasion, maybe for these holiday parties or upcoming New Year event, then clip extensions and ponytail are your best options, sweetheart.

All I want is a brand new hair colour

Nothing makes a better statement than brand new hair colour. Now we know that this pandemic has kept most of us for months in our homes; skipping salon and spa appointments and attending upcoming holiday events can be horrifying, even mortifying. Well, if you are hoping to look your show-stopping best this holiday season, getting a brand new hair colour to spice up your old look can be your smartest move. Consider getting highlights and lowlights to add dimension and more depth to your hair by calling your hairdresser for an appointment. Otherwise, you can skip on all the hair colourants by adding a few highlights here and there using tape in extensions.

We have just started the holiday season, love, so don’t feel pressured with your wish list. You’ve got a lot of time to fill in that wish list, and hopefully, ours gave you an idea of what to add to your list. Care sharing your wish list with us? Please email us at