Ladies, if you are wanting to add more volume and length to your hair without necessarily going through complicated procedures relax, weft hair extensions is the perfect answer for you. It is quite easy and quick to install and more so in removal as well. This is because application is done in horizontal strips instead installing by strand. Our hair comes 20 inch with 12 colours to choose from . They are absolutely low maintenace as you will be needing to readjust it only after 6-12 weeks, depending how on how fast they grow.

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Hair extensions, particularly remy weft hair extensions are so versatile that you can style it anyway you want. You can perm, straingthen, style or even dye the hair. This is more a permanent style if you want to keep it on for longer periods but it’s so easy to remove that you it is a very convenient option.

weft hair extensions

You can have a wavy hair or a straight one whatever you feel like wearing. You can also have it in multi-toned like bayalage or ombre. If you can buy it in multi-toned or you can colour it yourself if you cant find a tone you like.

Machine weft hair extensions are resilient and one of the most sought-after extensions among customers who have tried this technique. The benefits of this technique is that you can cut the hair without experiencing hair shedding meaning there is less likely a room for errors. You can also create your own clip in extensions from it. Just cut it according to your desired length but be sure seal the cut with a glue to prevent unraveling. and attach the clips.

There are a lot of sites that gives you a guided instructions on how to do it. You can also watch video tutorials on youtube to give you step by step guide on how it is done. Making your own clip in extensions is never been this easy with all the help you can get online.

Once you have them installed you can then freely style them accordingly. If you want to get hairstyle inspiration you can always browse on google, pinterest, instagram or youtube and you have all sorts of styles that you can choose from depending on the occasion or the style that you want.

So if you are tired of your hair style just take the plunge and go for weft hair extensions!