Ways to Making your Clip In Hair Extensions Last Longer article image by Human Hair Extensions Online

Choosing clip in hair extensions is an excellent decision as they are inexpensive, versatile, and easy to use. Unlike other semi-permanent extension options, clip-ins can be attached and removed quickly. Salon-quality clip ins are made from sturdy but lightweight materials, thus they don’t place a great amount of stress on your real hair roots and scalp.


Clip-in extensions give that natural look and feel of sleek and shiny human hair in an instant. This is a great hair accessory option for women who want to experiment with various hairstyles without actually touching or manipulating the hair.


Typically, a clip-in hair extension will last for 12 months, maybe less. Its lifespan will depend on the frequency of use, the efficiency of installation, and how you take care of hair extensions. In this post, you’ll find tips on how to prolong the use of clip-ins.


  • Use the right type of products


Pick paraben and sulfate-free products for clip in hair extensions. This is especially important if you’re dealing with clip in colored hair extensions or ponytail extensions. Human hair extensions will last longer if you use natural ingredients and less chemicals. One of our most recommended brand is HHEO’s XTEN Hair Care line. 


It is recommended to remove your clip-in hair extension before swimming in the beach or a chlorinated pool. The strong scent of chlorine is difficult to remove from hair extensions.


  • Do not wash clip-ins frequently


Clip-in extensions should only be washed once or twice a month. If you are not using it frequently, there really is no need to wash your extensions. On the other hand, if you have a permanent hair extension, you are advised to wash your hair more frequently.


  • Brush your hair with care


Use a brush specifically designed for hair extensions. Hair extension brushes are gentler on hair strands, preventing damage or loosening of the clips. Ideally, you only need to brush your hair twice daily. Brushing may often put pressure on the hair, resulting in breakage. Never attempt to brush hair when wet. Air dry the hair and brush it when it has completely dried out.


We have everything that you need to ensure your gorgeous clip-in hair extensions last longer. We also have different hair extension clip-ins to choose from if you’re looking to add a new one to your collection. Call us on +61 1300 475 833 to order or click here to start shopping.