Be a bombshell in an instant with hair extensions, whether you like it straight, wavy or curly you can achieve it the way you have dreamed it. Getting luscious hair has never been more easy. Although, hair extensions or wigs rather have been used in early 1800’s it wasn’t as popular as it is now. Celebrities have been using it to complete their looks and only recently has it been enjoyed by the greater public too. This is because it has become a lot cheaper than in the previous year due to the increase in supply usually coming from the Asian countries.

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The survey shows that 85% of men loves wavy hair, so if you want to be on their Hotlist get that wavy hair. Men just thought they were so irresistibly sexy.

Spent every dime on your straight hair extensions? No worries, heated styling tools are not the only way to go. You can achieve the wavy look without damaging your locks or subjecting your extensions to heat. You can get gorgeous waves by braiding your hair overnight. Wake up to a beautiful beachy wave without spending a single cent.

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If you get a wavy hair extensions, then you get to enjoy wavy hair hair at all times. However, there is no other way to straighten them when you get bored except using a styling tool that can shorten the life of your hair extension.

Do you know that wavy hair extensions look great with short hair? They blend beautifully with short, chin-length hair or shorter. The hair would look fuller and sophisticated with the soft-layered look.

Wavy hair extensions that are 100% Remy usually originates from India or Brazil (Muttalo or Molado). The hair is coarse, curly and thick. The colour ranges from light brown to black. This hair comes from the Caribbean population- the Afro Brazilian.

If you are after a thick, wavy hair, then Peruvian hair is the perfect choice for you. But mind you, this is very difficult to find, therefore, very expensive in the market. The colours are light brown and is a beautiful combination of the smoothness of European hair and the body and strength of Brazilian hair. Just a tip though, don’t need to purchase a thick bundle you only need a handful as they are quite thick.