Want To Go Invisible? Try Skin Weft! article image by Human Hair Extensions OnlineVery truly, the hair extensions industry has taken the beauty and fashion world by storm. With the vast extension types, colours and styles, women just won’t run out of options to choose from to match their personality and day to day flair.

One of the most popular hair extension types that many women would swear by is the Tape or Tape-In extensions. Well, needless to say, tape extension offers all sorts of advantages. From the value for money, time consumption, product lifespan, and even maintenance. Now considering all these positive points, who would even dare say no to tape-ins, right?

Now despite having the edge versus other hair extension types, some are concerned about the tapes that go with the extensions. Those with very thin hair worry about the possibility of still getting those tapes be seen. Although they can be invisible due to the tape colour and with proper installation, for some women, it is still a matter that needs to be addressed.

Pretty sure others might recommend you to ditch the idea of wearing tape-ins and just go for maybe clip-ins or beads and others. But what if you just really love how tape-in extensions work for you, except for that concern? Here at HHEO, we got you covered!

Human Hair Extensions Online offers Skin Weft. This product has numerous names in the market and is starting to gain more and more popularity. But how is Skin Weft better than other extensions, particularly Tape-ins? Let’s find out.



What is Skin Weft? Basically, it works exactly like your traditional tape-in extensions. Looks and feels exactly like your regular tape extensions. But what makes it different than tape-ins? Skin Wefts are designed to imitate hair growing from your own scalp. With proper installation and appropriate colour matching, this hair extension structure makes is literally inconspicuous for others to see.

How do we install Skin Wefts?

As it works exactly like traditional tape-in extensions, a thin piece of hair is being sandwiched in-between two pieces of skin weft extensions. And similar to tape-ins, it requires reapplication every 6 to 8 weeks.

Do I really need to see a hairdresser for a reapplication?

While others manage to get their friends do their installation and reapplication, we highly recommend getting a professional do the installation and reapplication as they are equipped with the right skills and appropriate tools to conduct this processes.

A reapplication is essential when using this type of hair extensions, as it needs to be secured closer to your roots or scalp. Your hair grows over time so the tape part would naturally move down with your real hair as it grows and will become visible. We don’t want those extensions to be seen hanging in the open while you go clubbing right?

But how long would this product last?

As it is made of premium grade 100% Remy human hair, HHEO’s Skin Weft hair extensions may last between 12 to 24 months with proper care. ( Don’t forget to check-out our Care and Maintenance Guide).

So if you have been investing so much time on the internet, searching for the best “invisible” hair extensions that would work similar to tape-ins, then your long search is over!

HHEO offers 20” Skin Weft Hair Extensions in 5 gorgeous colours: Dark Brown, Chestnut Brown, Honey beach, White Blonde and Beach Blonde, and comes in 10, 20, 40 and 60 piece sets to help you achieve your desired volume and style.

Say goodbye to your worry days and say hello to a more beautiful, invisible and natural looking hair extension days! Skin Wefts feels so comfy to wear that you might just forget you have them on.

Head on to HHEO and get your very own Skin Weft Hair Extensions today or call us at +61 1300 489 337 to place your orders over the phone!