You might be growing out a bad, too-short haircut. You might be suffering from hair loss. You might be attending a glamorous event and you want to rock longer locks, which, unfortunately, you don’t have at the moment. All these are situations in which you’d want to make your hair look longer than it is.

In these instances, there are many tricks you can do to make your hair appear no only longer but also healthier and more voluminous. We’ve collected a few hacks to help you rock longer longer, fuller locks:

Get layers.

Sometimes, the right cut is all it takes to add the illusion of length. Stay away from a blunt cut as it will only emphasize the length of your hair. Instead, go for face-framing layers that can add volume and movement to your locks, which in turn make your hair appear longer than it actually is. When paired with a deep-necked T-shirt or dress, your hairdo can create an illusion of longer hair.

Straighten your hair.

Ditching the curls and going for pin-straight hair is another hack that gives the illusion of longer hair. But there are specific techniques to straightening your hair. First, divide your hair into small sections and then glide your straightener a few times over each section, from top to bottom. Because heat styling can often bring about damage, you need to apply a heat-protecting spray on your locks, or even a deep moisturizing treatment.

Try the center part.

Here’s a simple styling fix that will give you longer locks: go for a center part. Parting your hair in the center will create a narrower line. A side part, on the other hand, while being more flattering, will make your face look wider. If you have a round-shaped face, the center part can be the perfect style for you as it will not only make your face look leaner but it will also add length to your locks.

Try the double ponytail trick.

For a hairstyle that adds both length and volume, the double ponytail is the oldest, but also the most effective, trick in the book. To do this look, first you need to divide your hair into top and bottom sections. Gather the top half into a ponytail, and then pull the bottom section into another ponytail right beneath the top one. The top ponytail should completely cover the bottom one, so as to make your hair look longer and fuller.

Try extensions.

Hair extensions can be the perfect accessory to wear while you’re growing out your hair from a bad cut but you still want to look gorgeous when you go out. However, make sure to do your research first about which types of hair extensions will go well with your hair type. For example, glue-ins will work better with thicker hair, while tape-ins or clip-ins will be suitable for medium or fine hair.

Waiting for your hair to grow out can be a real test of your patience. Take matters into your own hands by trying out the above hacks.