Wearing a ponytail will always be an elegant and timeless hairstyle. Whether you are off to a red-carpet event or simply want your hair nice and tidy during hot summer, days, wearing a ponytail will always be a hit. If you have short hair, it can be difficult, almost impossible, to style your hair into a ponytail. The good news is that you can use human hair ponytail extensions for those long, sleek locks that to wear for any type of occasion.


In this article, we are giving you two ways to style your pony tail hair extensions.


  • Double Twisted Ponytail


If you want to look extra dainty for a party or a date, a double twisted ponytail will not disappoint. It is the perfect hairstyle if you want to update the look of clip in pony tail human hair extensions.


  • Divide the ponytail extension into two sections.
  • Place the left section to the font and work the other section in the back portion of your head.
  • Start to work with the right side by twisting the hair extension until you reach halfway down the section hair. Secure this with an elastic band.
  • Simply repeat the same process on the left side of the hair. Make sure to twist it on a left to right direction.
  • Twist the two sections a little more to ensure a tight ponytail. Secure them with an elastic band.


  • Fishtail Ponytail


A fresh and beautiful hairstyle that you can try on the next wedding that you will be a part of is the fishtail ponytail. Now this hairstyle may look a little complicated, but it’s actually easy and fast to do, even by yourself.


  • Clip and then brush the ponytail extensions and secure with an elastic band.
  • Take a small section of the ponytail hair extension from the right side and cross it over to the left side.
  • Repeat this procedure with the left side. Take small sections and cross them over to the right side.
  • Simply repeat crossing the small sections all the way down your hair.
  • Lastly, go over the braid extensions and pull on the edges gently to create wide and full braid effect. Secure the fishtail ponytail with an elastic band at the bottom of the braid.


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