TOP HAIR AND CARE TIPS FOR CLIP-IN PONYTAIL EXTENSIONS article image by Human Hair Extensions Online

The upcoming summer months will take a toll on your hair. One way to protect your luscious locks from intense humidity and heat is to wear ponytail extensions. Wearing hair extensions such as clip-in ponytail extension helps the hair to stay healthy and grow longer whilst making you look good all summer long. To ensure that your clip-in ponytail human hair extensions last all summer or even longer, here are tips and tricks on the proper way to take care of clip in ponytail extensions.


How to care for clip-in ponytail human hair extensions


Human hair extensions typically absorb some of our natural oils, which makes it important that we wash them from time to time.


  • The frequency for washing will depend on how often you use your ponytail extensions. If you use them on a daily basis, washing your extensions at least once a month is recommended.
  • Only use warm water when washing ponytail hair extensions.
  • Ideally, make use of gentle, clarifying shampoo for hair extensions as it cleanses but does not irritate or dry the hair extensions.
  • When shampooing, do not attempt to scrub the shampoo solution as this may result in tangles.
  • Rub the shampoo solution along the length of your clip in ponytail human hair extension.
  • Rinse the human hair extensions with cold water only.
  • Do not comb the ponytail extension unless it is totally dry. Washing your hair extensions while waiting can result in hair getting pulled out or torn down from the base clip in.
  • Never blow dry your human hair extensions, but instead air dry them for best results.
  • Only use sulfate-free hair care products for your ponytail hair extensions to keep them hydrated and well moisturised for days or even weeks at a time.
  • Use wide-tooth combs that smoothens the hair. Traditional brushes can cause messy tangles.
  • You cannot blow dry your hair extensions, but you can certainly heat style them using an iron curler or a straightening iron. You can only heat style human hair or Remy hair extensions, but not those made from synthetic hair.


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