Dry and lifeless hair is sure to be a big thing during the winter time. It is at this time of the year when most of us don’t take as many precautions as we should with our hair.

Experts say that the environment can have some of the most damaging effects on your hair in both winter and summer. Summer causes our hair to fry out under the heat of the sun. Sun-damage to the hair can manifest in so many ways like lightening hair tone and cause dry and brittle hair.

Winter on the other hand can cause havoc on your hair’s health. It is often worse than summer because you need indoor heating, thus it is like saying that you were spending the entire afternoon or the whole day under a hair dryer.

Can you just imagine how the hair would be after constantly subjecting it to such high temperature? But I have good news for you; we can still do something to prevent any more hair damage

First and foremost, let us provide protection to your locks to get you covered on these cold months. You can do this by taking replenishing and protective steps like applying a rich moisturizer that contains essential fatty acids and humectants.

Humectants do not only supply the needed of moisture to the hair it also helps attract and hold moisture in. Soy protein and panthenol is a perfect combination for this function. If you can find a hair moisturising product that contains both ingredients you are halfway protected.

However it should not stop there, here are some easy tips and tricks to guarantee your hair stays healthy and happy throughout the cold weather season.

  1. Heating tools is definitely a no no as this can worsen the dryness of your hair so don’t add more stress to your tresses.
  1. Chemical laden products should be avoided, in other words do not perm or dye in the cold season. Instead try adding lowlights or highlights here and there to give the hair an extra glow or try to dye it with a DIY natural hair colour recipes that are available online.
  1. Use a gentle clarifying lotion to remove hair residue but gentle enough not to sap your much needed protective oil from your hair shaft.
  1. Protect your hair with a scarf if you are going to be outside so that you are covered from any harmful elements like extreme temperatures or wind.
  1. Never over brush your hair at this time of the year where your hair can be more dry and brittle so they tend to break easily. You can however comb gently using a wide-tooth comb every now and then to prevent tangles.
  1. Trim your hair every month, if you are maintaining your mane; and every other month, if you are actively growing it. Just remember though to use a sharp scissors that you use solely for your hair cutting purposes.
  1. Do not wash your hair with hot water. Lukewarm or warm water would be much better. Rinse with cold water for shiny smooth hair all throughout the year.
  1. Make use of updo hairstyles during winter not only to impress onlookers but will also minimize your exposure to hair hazards.

I hope you will apply these simple tips for a healthy hair at any time of the year especially during the cold months.