Tips for Choosing the Right Coloured Hair Extensions article image by Human Hair Extensions Online

One major factor when shopping for tape hair extensions is choosing the colour that best suits you. Some women are inclined to choose shades that they have never tried in the past, whilst majority will go for shades that are closest to their original hair colour.


When choosing the right colour match for hair extensions, we list down some of the most common hair shades.


  • Jet Black


High quality human hair extensions typically come in jet black colour. These hair extensions are made from virgin human hair strands that have not been coloured or chemically processed. Jet black clip in human hair extensions are characterised by their cool, blue undertones.


  • Off Black


Clip in ponytail extensions come in an off black colour to make them look and feel natural. Off black blends perfectly with natural black hair. Off black features have warm, brown undertones. If your hair has a black appearance but occasionally looks dark brown in sunlight, this is the right shade of clip in ponytail extension for you.


  • Brown


The hair colour chart features different shades of brown hair extensions. Here are some of the most common brown shades that you can see in clip in hair extensions:


  • Dark Brown has warm undertones to it. In the hair colour chart, it is mid tone-brown and is best for those with brown-dyed natural hair.
  • Mocha Brown typically is considered the darkest shade of brown when it comes to clip in hair extensions. If your natural hair has warm, red undertones to it, this is the right shade to pick.
  • Chestnut brown on the other hand is the lightest shade of brown that you will commonly see in clip in ponytail extensions. It displays a warm golden brown shade with hints of caramel and honey undertones.


  • Blonde


There is no shortage of blonde clip in hair extensions on the market. You can choose from the darkest shade of blonde that boasts golden and warm brown undertones to beach blonde clip in hair extensions that is the lightest shade of blonde and compliment women with natural bright bleach blonde coloured hair.


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