Every woman fancies long voluminous hair. Of course who else wouldn’t right? Especially if this helps you look and feel good!

A ponytail look paints a lot of pictures, especially about women who love to wear them. Often, we see sleek ponytail look amongst professionals and when we see them, we always get this “I am busy” vibe or “I am in control and there’s nothing you can do about it” feel. Well, it sounds dramatic, but that’s how the ponytail style resonates to most of us. However, a ponytail can also express being playful, intense and at times expresses sexuality. Over the years, the ponytail concept has been interpreted in several ways and still, it remains timeless. Let us walk you through the things you need to know about ponytail hair extensions before shopping for one.


It is said that the ponytail look first appeared during the ancient Greek times, where fresco paintings show that ancient Greeks’ hair was set high on the backs of their heads (translating to high ponytail in our time). Same goes for young women in ancient Rome based on some artworks where they can be seen wearing their high ponytails. Over the years, this style has then been adapted even by European and American men during the 18th century. The style has gone on and off the scene probably because different hairstyles have surfaced which put the ponytail in the background. Thankfully, the ponytail has once again claimed its glory and has been immortalized by the very iconic Audrey Hepburn when she made that appearance in Funny Face.


One of the most dreaded beauty challenges of all time is not having enough hair length and volume to achieve that dream hairstyle, and that includes the classic ponytail. Lucky for us, the existence of human hair extensions spared us from being a drama queen over hair problems.

HHEO offers 100% remy human Ponytail hair extensions that will surely help you achieve that Ariana Grande high ponytail look!


Aside from being the ultimate ponytail rescue, clip-in ponytail hair extensions are very easy to play around with. It allows you to create unique hairstyles, different updos, braids and a whole lot more! This piece is truly versatile when it comes to creating different looks.

Ponytails also easily match any outfit that you’ll be wearing or events that you’ll be attending. So if you were born with naturally thin hair or if your hair is too short to pull off that long ponytail look, worry no more! HHEO got you covered darling and achieve that long, luscious and voluminous ponytail in under 5 minutes.

HHEO Ponytails are also comfortable and easy to wear. Simply tie your natural hair into a ponytail and wrap the ponytail extensions around your natural hair ponytail and voila! You’re ready for the day. The best part about wearing this extension is that it is so comfortable to wear that you can go all day flaunting it without worrying about the added weight to your head and neck strains.

Pricing? Well, the good news is, HHEO Ponytail extensions are affordable and are worth every cent. These are made of 100% remy human hair, the highest quality of hair used for hair extensions Australia and it gives you that natural feel and look that no one can even tell you’re wearing hair extensions.

So whether you are up for some A-game look, sporty look, romantic or messy pony tail, our ponytail human hair extensions will surely help you exude any look you desire for whatever occasion you have in mind. You can match your hairstyle depending on the mood or day or the outfit you’ve planned for that day. The possibilities are limitless! You just have to get that imagination working.

For ideas on ponytail haistryles or questions about our ponytail extensions, please email us at info@hheo.com.au.