It is no doubt that many women are in awe of how celebrities achieve glorious looking hair and just wish that they have also been born with an extraordinary genetic composition. The thing is, even celebrities or at least not all of our favourite stars were really born with that asset. As matter of fact, most of them put substantial investment on products or procedures that could help them improve the quality and volume of their hair.

One of the most common accessories that they swear by is Hair Wigs. Yes! You read it right. Famous celebrities like the ever so famous Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Katie Holmes and even Kylie Jenner usually sport wigs at the red carpet events, concerts and other extravaganzas.  But of course, these are not just ordinary wigs, they are high-quality full lace human hair wigs. This is the reason why those wigs are unnoticeable as they look seamlessly flawless and absolutely natural.

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Full Lace Wig is a type of wig which has lace base that covers the whole head and the human hair are hand tied to it. There is absolutely no wefts or tracks to it just a full lace cap. Individual hairs are generally sewn into this thin lace which really makes the hair looking as if it is actually growing from your head.


Aside from the fact that the wig is made of 100% Real Human Hair, which really makes it absolutely magnifique, here are some advantages of getting a full lace wig:

  • The hairline is extremely natural. The hairs are sewn into the lace cap or 100% hand-tied mimicking the natural hair frame of our real hair. The hair borders are carefully designed to match any face shape and head size.
  • Comes with baby hairs. Of course, hair wigs wouldn’t look natural without the baby hair effect. Baby hairs create the image of real hair growing on your scalp and it strategically placed along the hair borders that frame our faces.
  • You can part your hair freestyle. This is the best part about full lace wigs. You can part it in any way you want it. Whether you part it in the center, sides, do a ponytail out of it, or simply style it however you please. So even if you’re caught on a windy day, you have nothing to fret about wefts showing or simply sticking to one hairstyle due to hair parting limitations.
  • Easy to maintain. Of course, cost of maintenance is also one important factor when shopping for hair wigs, extensions and other hair improving accessories.  Full lace wigs don’t require high-grade science theory. Basic well-scheduled hair washing, proper dying, appropriate hair care products and that’s all to it!


It is undeniably amazing how our technology helped us achieve quick resolutions to issues such as thin hair, flat hair, short hair and what have you. Full Lace Human Hair Wig is an absolute choice for addressing such hair issues and if you need to revamp that look in an instant.

HHEO offers custom made full lace wigs which will absolutely cater to our customers’ different hairstyles and requirements. Interested to get your own custom made full lace wig? Email or call 1300 489 337.