Every bride’s dream is to walk down the aisle with those long luscious locks. Whether you are planning on an intricate hairstyle or a simple one to complement your pretty wedding dress with décolletage, you definitely should get yourself a set of hair extensions. This is often a staple in a bridal hair plan. And because this is going to be a one time, yet big event, the highly recommended hair extensions for this kind is clip-in hair extensions. Of course, like any other hair extension type, clip-ins come with a particular set of advantages, and maybe some cons. That is why, in this article, we will talk about Things all Brides-to-Be Should Know When Buying Clip-In Hair Extensions. This should help identify if clip extension is the right choice for your wedding hairstyle. As what they say, it pays to do your research before taking action.


If you are considering wearing clip extensions on your wedding day, it is best to sort of do a test drive or trial. Your wedding day should not be the first time that you’re wearing them. It is important that you practice and get used to the feeling, its weight and look of having extra hair on your head. Fortunately, clip-in hair extensions Melbourne brand let you do this, and you can, later on, remove the extensions on your own at the end of the day.

For some brides who enjoy doing their own hair, professional hairdressers agree that clip extensions are the easiest type of extensions to work with. They are insanely easy and quick to use. Of course, despite being “easy”, constant practice on how to install and styling them on your own will make you comfortable with the hair extensions. 

Since practice is a huge thing, we recommend wearing your hair extensions during your bridal shower. This gives you the eBay chance to get used to the added weight to your head and try on different hairstyles. But what if you are hiring a professional hairdresser on your big day? Still, you must at least have an idea on how to properly take off your clip extensions as your hairdresser will surely not join you in your after wedding party, right? So keep practicing and aim for perfection.

We know you might be pressured with the practice, babe. Don’t be. Don’t stress! We guarantee you that you’ll get the hang of it and master the best technique for you in no time. 


Keep in mind that there are numerous types of hair extensions and all are not created equal. In fact, getting the wrong type of hair extensions can be an absolute disaster for you and your hair. According to experts, the first thing you’d have to look into is, if they are made of 100% real Remy human hair. This gives you the flexibility styling it and it looks natural that no one can even tell you have hair extensions on. Aside from that, it will last you longer and thus makes a good investment.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing the right hair extensions is to look into the colours and finding the best colour to match your hair. If your colour match is accurate, the hair will beautifully blend and you won’t have to worry about people finding out you’ve got hair extensions on. The hair extensions company offers colour matchings service for free, or you can consult with your hair colourist so you can get the best colour recommendation before adding that hair extension set to your shopping cart.

Lastly, it is best to consider that the edges are tapered. This will help you achieve a more natural look. You may want to go for naturally tapered so you won’t have to spend time going to the salon to have it tapered by your hairdresser and cost you more.


Excellent clip-in extensions are an investment, and you’ll want to be able to make use of them for a longer period of time. So proper care is crucial in making the hair extensions last longer. It is important that you treat your hair extensions as you would with your natural hair. Consider using sulphate-free hair products like shampoo and conditioner. When styling, we always recommend using heat protectant spray before using a blow dryer or curling wands and avoid using high heat settings. If your hair extensions are feeling dry, do a deep conditioning treatment and use leave-ons too. Most importantly, do not over wash your hair. Clip-ins are not supposed to be washed daily. You can wash it once to twice a day, but no more than that. Don’t treat it like tape-in extensions where you can wash it up to twice a week.

Aside from the above tips, keep your hair tangle by gently brushing your hair, before and after wearing the hair extensions. Always start from the bottom and work your way up. If you are not using your clip extensions, always keep them safe in a clip extensions bag or lay them flat in a dresser, a box, or anything that can help protect your hair while unused.

So there you go, you are now ready to finalize your wedding hair plans. Of course, if you need more help about clip extensions, feel free to hit us via email at info@hheo.com.au