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However if 260 gram set is not enough for you, you can make your own at a fraction of a cost. Clip in hair extensions are most sought after because of its versatility and convenience. You also get to add length and volume to your locks without commitment. So it leaves you free to apply and remove at your own convenience.

thick clip in hair extensions

What is so good about making your own extensions is that you get to choose your desired width and thickness of your clip in hair extensions. So it’s basically custom-made to fit your exact need. You will need to buy wefted extensions to be able to make your own clip in extensions, it could be hand wefted or machine weft as both can be used. The difference is that machine weft is thicker than hand wefted ones. Hand weft is also stronger and secured than that of machine weft.

There are lots of hair types but the two main classifications is synthetic and human hair. Synthetic is cheaper. They look artificial and cannot tolerate heat although there is a synthetic hair type that can tolerate heat which is Kanekabo fiber. Synthetic hair does not long as compared to the human hair which can last up to 24 months. Human hair looks natural, silky smooth and tangle-free something that synthetic hair cannot equate to.

Now that you have weft extensions you will also need micro clips to attach to your hair extensions. The wider extensions are located at the back of your head so you can measure the width of the back of your head where you will need 2 to 3 wide strips and the rest are smaller ones to be placed at the sides of your head.

Once you have the measurements recorded, cut them accordingly and make sure to sew the ends properly to prevent them from slipping. After finishing off the edges you then attach the clips onto the extensions. The wider extensions would need 3 to 4 clips to hold the extensions in place and only one for the small strips.

The clip in extensions is now ready for use. Are you ready to make your own thick clip in hair extensions?