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Russian Europian Hair Extension

The Australian hair extension market is riddled with hair extensions companies claiming to sell European or Russian hair extensions. Unfortunately, the facts are that 99% of these sellers are actually selling Asian hair, Chinese hair and Indian hair.

The funny thing is that there’s actually nothing wrong with good quality Chinese, Asian or Indian hair. But unfortunately many sellers claim to have European or Russian hair as that’s what they feel they’re clients want and it is a way to charge a higher price. So they will continue to lie about the actual origin of the hair that they are supplying.

You’ll probably find that if you think you’ve been wearing European or Russian hair each time you wear extensions, however there is a good chance that it would probably be Chinese hair if the hair is straight (that is one very easy way of knowing that it’s Asian hair). If it’s wavy and the strands a very fine then it’s probably more of a chance that you’ve received Indian hair.

The Indian hair is finer where the Asian hair is slightly coarser. I personally prefer Asian hair extensions as they are quite strong they react well to dyes, heating tools and other things like that. They have a very long lifespan due to their durability.

Another way to know if someone is claiming to sell Russian or European hair but they’re actually selling Asian hair is by looking at what they call the hair quality. If they call it an A+ or AA++ or anything along those lines, these are quality grades that are made up in China. So you will know that if they are stating that’s what the quality is then you can be certain that the hair is from China.

Here at Human Hair Extensions Online, we proudly admit that we sell 100% Asian remy hair and if you are one of our clients you will know that our hair is of phenomenal quality.

You would probably never have any issues with it and know that it lasts a number of years if it’s look after properly. Unfortunately, many of these sellers claiming to sell European, Russian or a European/Indian mix has actually started from the top of the industry.

Some of the biggest brands in Australia are also guilty of lying about what type of hair they sell. This has basically filtered down through the hair extensions industry all the way to your lower end companies selling on eBay, Gumtree etc. Many of these companies claim that they have Russian as well.

Real authentic European and Russian hair is actually really expensive if you’re paying anywhere under the $800 mark for a set of hair extensions then you can definitely know that it’s not Russian hair.

There are suppliers out there selling 100g clip in sets for $70 – $120 claiming that it is Russian hair or European hair which is absolute nonsense. There is actually not enough Russian hair stock to supply all of these sellers who claimed to have the Russian hair.

Do you really think that there are girls filtered all throughout Europe chopping off their beautiful hair that they’ve spent half their life growing for $10 – $20? I can guarantee that this is not the case.

In Russia they don’t actually have companies that make hair extensions like tape extensions, Clip In and U-tip hair extensions, these are actually all made in China.

A way to tell if it is actually authentic Russian hair is when it comes in a pony tail and then sold to you in a bundle. It’s not going to be all one colour like our say #4 Medium Brown, generally it’s lighter on the tips because it has had more sun exposure etc.

I hope with the information I have provided will help you determine who is selling fake or authentic European hair.

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