Clip in hair extensions offer a fast and fun way to change up your looks and add volume to your hair. When you are dealing with thinning hair or you have naturally fine hair, the last thing you want is to cause damage to the remaining natural hair you have. To resolve your thinning hair issues without having to undergo expensive and time-consuming hair restoration procedures, having clip in hair extensions is an excellent alternative. 

While buying clip in hair extensions solve your thinning hair issues, the wrong application or styling can result in the clips underneath becoming visible or unnatural. Even the best clip in hair extensions will not be able to conceal bald spots or thinning hair regions without the proper styling.  

In this post, we’ll teach you some tips on how to expertly hide your hair extensions with beautiful hairstyles and give you the illusion of thicker, more luscious hair to boot. 

  • Know How to Comb your Hair

When it comes to coming up with hairstyles for naturally thin or fine hair, it’s all about the art of backcombing and styling your locks in the right positions. 

Similar to picking your outfits, picking a clip in hair extension from an Australian manufacturer is all about buying one that works best with the nature and behaviour of your hair. While tape in hair extensions is ideal for thinning or fine hair, they are only semi-permanent in nature which means that it is not as versatile and flexible as clip in hair extensions. As clip-in extensions are removable, you can use them anytime you please. Consequently, you don’t need to use them if you want to give your hair a break from the weight of having hair extensions clip in all the time. 

  • Affordable Hair Extensions 

Another major selling factor of clip in hair extensions is that they are more affordable than other hair extension types. Even the best clip in extensions from reputable brands are cheaper than tape in hair extensions or sew in hair extensions. Buying clip in hair extensions for some is an investment since they can wear it on special occasions only, thus extending its usability and lifespan. 

  • Buy Clip In Hair Extensions to Thicken your Hair Fast 

Seriously, who has the time to go to the salon to get sew-in hair extensions? Or go to the dermatologist to receive hair restoration or transplant surgery? Clip in hair extensions is an excellent alternative for busy women who cannot afford to waste time receiving hair restoration and other procedures that increase hair volume. 

Now that you have the best clip in hair extensions from a reliable Australian hair extension brand, the next thing you must learn about is how to style it with your natural hair.

  • Curls is the Way to Go

A sleek and straight hairstyle is timeless, but if you want to add body while concealing your clip in hair extensions, creating curls and waves is your solution. You may also opt to buy wavy clip in hair extensions and curly clip in hair extensions which only require minimal styling. 

However, if you’ve chosen a straight clip in hair extension, you must be careful in using hot tools. If you want to curl your hair, make sure to wrap both natural and extension hair together for a more natural and seamless finish. Experts recommend the use of hot rollers instead of conventional straightening irons and curlers. Rollers create a more natural, bouncy, and healthy aesthetics. Avoid straightening your clip in hair extensions as this will draw more attention to your thinning hair. 

  • Do the Updo 

A sophisticated updo hairstyle or a half-up and half-down style is an easy and effortless way to volumise your thinning hair. Practice backcombing to increase height to your hair and give it excellent staying power. Try pinning your clip in hair extensions at the nape with lots of volume and towards the crown to achieve a fuller, more luscious hairstyle. 

  • Easy Side Fringe

Creating a symmetric fringe to thinning hair is an excellent way to create an illusion of voluminous hair. Try tucking the fringe behind your ears to add bounce to your natural hair and clip in hair extensions. Parting your hair in this fashion will let you divide your natural hair and hide the clip ins. 

  • Braids

Placing your natural hair and clip in hair extensions in a braid is a clever option to add volume to your hair. Do not forget to tease the hair strands out of the braid to add depth, dimension, and texture to your hair. 

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