Girls use hair extensions for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s for an event, chemical-free alternative for hair colouring, added volume, or to cover up that regrettable bad haircut—hair extensions are now considered must-haves for every young girl and woman out there.

There are several types of hair extensions out there and they have different advantages and disadvantages. Below are the top five reasons why tape hair extensions are popular, especially those offered by Human Hair Extensions Online are leading the hair extension market.

Tape-in hair extensions are very affordable compared to other semi-permanent hair extensions. Other types of hair extensions require a very tedious process, making the application cost quite expensive. Glue-in, micro-link, keratin bonds, and the like take several hours to apply. The cost of tape-in hair extensions is at par to that of clip-in hair extensions (which are just temporary) and can even be applied DIY if you are quite adept with doing complex hairstyles. However, it is still highly recommended that you hire a professional to apply them on your head to ensure longevity.

Low Maintenance
Compared to other types of semi-permanent hair extensions, tape-ins are very low maintenance due to their thin construction. But in order to ensure that you actually get pieces that actually do not require much in the way of maintenance and not those that cause you maintenance headaches, make sure to select remy tape extensions, which blend well with natural strands and do not tangle. Keep in mind that by investing in high quality tape for your head, you eliminate the risk of hair damage as well as the risk of spending a long time just to remove the extensions.

Least Damaging
Poor-quality semi-permanent hair extensions can be damaging to the hair strands throughout time. In the case of many glue-in pieces, for example, the hair extension strands are bonded to the roots of the hair. The sticky residue can cause them to get tangled over time. When this happens, there is a chance you might need to resort to cutting your hair off when it’s time to remove the old extensions. However, for HHEO’s tape-in hair extensions, they are very lightweight and grow out with your natural hair.

Comfortable On You
Tape-in hair extensions use a type of hypoallergenic tape that is waterproof, lightweight and lays flat when attached to the natural hair. This makes it very comfortable, almost like you’re not wearing any hair extensions. No obvious bulging and visibility–you can even wear your hair in different styles!

Easy and Fast Application
The process of applying some semi-permanent hair extensions can take up to 8 hours! Imagine sitting on the salon straight for 8 hours– that would be pretty tiring. Luckily with tape-in hair extensions, you can have your luscious and voluminous locks set and ready in less than an hour! (length of application may vary depending on natural hair density)

It’s no wonder a lot of hair stylists are now highly recommending the use of tape-in hair extensions. Not only does it allow you to achieve your #hairgoals, it doesn’t hurt your wallet, and is very low-maintenance, and easy to apply. Just make sure to get the top quality hair extension brand, and it will be all worth it.