More and more women are spending money on improving their looks which is a great advantage for those in the fashion and beauty industry. Here at Human Hair Extensions Online, we believe that one of the most important factor to staying profitable in the business and to keep the orders coming is to sell a superb product. Hence, we only sell 100% superior quality remy human hair with extensive range of colours and lengths. We can also give special price for wholesalers to maximize your income potential. We also offer free shipping to most parts of the country.

Do you want to earn more selling our hair extensions?

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Thinking about starting your very own hair business? Or already are in business but is wondering how to improve sales and attracting more clients. The hair extensions shop is a lucrative business but it is not for everyone. It is not advisable walk down the entrepreneurial path unless you have got the intensity to get through bumpy ride and maintain the same enthusiasm you showed when you first started it.



Old adage goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Your plan is your road map to realizing your goal and this will certainly increase your chances to succeed. When you have a plan you are more equip to handle problems that might arise in your business. This is the part where you put the details of your hair extensions shop. But first you need to find out if there is a demand for hair extensions in your area and how big or small that demand is. Information like where to source your hair , how much you are selling them for, how to ship them and how to face possible difficulties.

Passion and knowledge

You have got to have the passion for your product which in this case is hair, because when you are fired up you don’t lose that easily but will continue with the same intensity as when you first started with the hair extensions shop. When you do something you love and is equipped with knowledge you would know how to serve your clients better than anyone else.

Contingency plan

When plan A fails you have got to have a plan B. This can be applied to marketing your product. You should not stick to just one marketing strategy it is best to adopt several action plan to promote your business.

Update and be adaptable

Keep posted with current news about the hair business as this plays a crucial role in the over all performance of your business. Always be one step ahead of your competitors. Being innovative will certainly make you an authority in your field or expertise.

Employ the right people

Get employees that share the same company value and enough knowledge for the business. It is easier to train people who already have the idea of your business.

Superb Customer service

Going the extra mile for the customer is always a great way to make them feel that we are here to help them in any way we can.

I hope we were able to share some ideas that might help you grow the hair extensions shop you have started or is about to start.

Let us know if you have suggestions.