Black hair is the most widespread hair color, but that does not mean black-haired women cannot stand out. We here at HHEO believe that some of the most beautiful people on the planet have black hair—from Demi Moore to Demi Lovato, Courtney Cox to Kourtney Kardashian. Many ladies with lighter-colored hair embraced black hair and looked stunning with their fair skin and rosy lips framed with long raven hair. Human Hair Extensions Online offers you long ebony locks that will be your best look ever.

Black hair gives off an aura of mystery, sophistication, and maturity. Many people perceive black-haired women to be exotic, intelligent, and hardworking. Sadly, though, along with these positive preconceptions come negative stigma—that a person with black hair is sinister, cold, uptight, plain, or boring. Thankfully, more people nowadays are open-minded and do not make snap judgments on a person based on their hair color or hairstyle. Imagine what blondes had to deal with.

There will be times in a black-haired girl’s life when she will look at someone else’s golden tresses and admire how good they look in braids or a messy bun. After all, it’s a common notion that princesses are supposed to be wavy-haired blondes on white horses.

We in Human Hair Extensions Online believe all hair colors are beautiful and are always on the lookout for valuable styles we can share with you. Here’s the next installment of the best ponytail hairstyles that would look amazing on your dark tresses:

Ponytail with a side downdo and waves. This style is great for girls whose black hair is curly or naturally wavy.

  • 1. Brush your hair to remove tangles, making it soft and smooth.
  • 2. French braid your hair down one side of your head.
  • 3. Secure the braid on the base of your head with an elastic band or barrette.
  • 4. If your hair is naturally wavy, apply mousse to your ponytail to enhance your waves. If your hair is straight, use a curling iron or any other method to make your hair wavy.
  • 5. Adjust your hair strands for visual interest. You can pull out strands of hair from the ponytail to frame the sides of your face for a softer look. You can also tug at the braid strands to create a fuller-looking braid.
  • Tell us a girl does not look every inch a princess with this hair.
  • Tip: Adorn with a floral or bejeweled hair ornament on the ponytail’s base for an afternoon garden photo shoot. For fuller and more dramatic waves, add ponytail extensions for black hair. Make sure to choose human hair, which can be braided along with your real hair.

Heavy bangs with medium-height ponytail. Medium-length dark hair that’s full of body looks best with this style. Just look at Cheryl Cole in her video “Call My Name” or Queen of Bangs vintage-chic chick Zooey Deschanel. Since we can’t decide who looks cuter, we want to make sure you look as charming as them in this effortless but winning hairstyle.

  • 1. Start with clean hair. We want your bangs fluffy, not weighed down with grease.
  • 2. Blow-dry your bangs, curling inward. The best length to work with should be bangs no higher than nose-bridge level.
  • 3. Do a medium-height ponytail. This one does not have to be sleek.
  • 4. Finish the look with a touch of hairspray, including and especially on your bangs.
  • Tip: Wear your bangs sideswept for a romantic look. You can be retro with thick hairbands. If you have really long hair and want it shorter and fuller, twist your ponytail and fold it in half, doubling its volume.

Dutch braid fauxhawk ponytail. A fierce and chic look that also looks great with other hair colors. It’s for long-haired ladies who want to try a mohawk without losing their beloved manes. Very easy to achieve, this punk style gives major oomph to your denims, leather, and other solid-color outfit.

  • 1. Crimp your hair to enhance the texture of your braid.
  • 2. Make your faux mohawk by gathering a section of hair from the top of your head. (Use the highest point of your eyebrows as guide.) Secure this section with a clip.
  • 3. Pull back the rest of your hair into a ponytail.
  • 4. Apply firm-hold gel on the top section and make a Dutch braid from the top, stopping at the base of the ponytail.
  • 5. Join the braided section with the ponytail using an elastic band.
  • 6. Loosen the plaits of your fauxhawk for more texture.
  • 7. Secure with hairspray for maximum hold.
  • Tip: Work your fauxhawk with slightly damp hair for a more durable central ridge. Pimp your fauxhawk by running color chalks over strands of your hair before the crimping, gelling, and braiding part.

Come back again tomorrow for more amazing ponytail styles that’s best for black hair.