Human Hair Extensions Online stocks the right hair for fine-haired lass like you. Our clip in ranges from 100g, 125g, 130g, 140g, 250g and 260g sets to fit your personal needs. We also have 17 different shades from subtle to satisfy you desire and bold hues to entice your adventurous appetite. Its silky smooth feel is irresistably inviting for any woman wanting to add body or length. We deliver the sets to you free of charge or you can opt for express service and have it in your doorstep the next business day. This is offered in most parts of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and other parts of Australia.

Here is our most popular sets of clip in hair extensions:


At long last, an answer to fine, limp-haired women to add more body to their lifeless locks- hair extensions. It has been in the market for a while but for fine hair not all methods can be applied as it is crucial to the hairs condition. Fine hair are more prone to hair damage specially when tension is placed on the hair.

best clip in hair extensions for woman

So what is the best clip in hair extensions for fine hair? I guess the most appropriate answer for this question is finding a light weight hair extensions so as not to give the hair stress which could cause hair loss. Fine hair are weak so you must not put a lot of pressure on them.

The best clip in hair extensions for fine hair would be the lightest in terms of weight so it means not only less hair but you have to match your fine hair with European or Indian hair as they have the same thickness.

One of the common problem of having thin hair is that the clips usually slips down the hair. No problem we have you covered, you can actually apply hairspray on the roots before you put in your clip in hair extensions to keep the extensions stay securely even if you move around too much. The spray will not only keep the hair in place it will also a bit of body on the roots instead of just being flat.

Or if you wanted to do the natural way to hold the hair in its proper position then backcomb the roots this will let the clips stay and prevent slippage. Teasing your roots will hide the clips a perfect solution for perfect hair.

So the next time you shop for the best clip in hair extensions for fine hair, go to Human Hair Extensions Online for wider options.