Temporary hair dye is very useful on special occasions or events where you need a major transformation. As we all know women wants to changes her looks ever so often depending on her mood.There are several alternatives that you can use there is hair chalk, Kool aid, eye shadow, colored mascara, markers, food colouring, colored hair spray, and of course, last is but definitely not the least is clip in extensions. Before I go any further discussing each options let me just recommend a very good clip in extensions for you. Human Hair Extensions Online are selling 100% remy human hair. Therefore, it is shiny, smooth and absolutely tangle-free. Our wide range of colours allows you to have more options. We have different lengths too, that you might want to try.

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Would you agree if I say that no single woman ever wants to maintain the same hair for the longest time. The quest for new looks and transformation is always a woman thing. Your thirst for something new is always at the back of your mind. So without further ado, let us name all proven ways to temporarily dye your hair. And take note, most of the suggestions here are not detrimental to your locks. Here they are:

temporary hair dye

Hair chalk

Although most of the temporary hair dye does not show on dark hair, this one most definitely can. Hair chalk does not give good results compared to using a water-based chalk pastels, which are the ones that an artist would use. This option is relatively cheap ,but can only last after 1 shampoo.

Kool aid

Do you know it’s not only for drinking? This can actually provide colour to your locks that can last between 2 weeks to 6 months, depending on your hair texture and colour. This has been around for quite a while and has been used as an alternative to hair chalk.

Eye shadow

The eye shadows are a great option if you want a more vibrant look than what hair chalk can offer you. However, the downside is you get it all over your hands and clothes when you touch it so if have any idea on how to seal it then you go for it. This last only after 1 shampoo.

Coloured mascara

Yes, that’s right, your mascara has other uses besides emphasizing your eyelashes. Mascaras stays in your hair until you shampoo it off, the disadvantage is it has limited tones. This temporary hair dye is highly convenient with faster results.


Markers can stay in your hair much longer than the other options, between 2 days to 2 months again depending on your hair’s characteristics. There are 4 ways to colour your hair using markers, but the fastest and the most effective is by prying open the marker to remove the coloured sponged-like tube and moisten with a few drops of water and rub the felt on the areas where you want to colour your hair.

Food colouring

Another temporary hair dye that can last more than a week and up to 3 month. Relatively easy to use, however, results will vary according to your hair tone for blonde colour will have a deeper effect compared to the darker hair shade that may just look like a hint of colour.

Coloured hair spray

Now this is super easy and there’s a whole bunch of colours that you can choose from. Others even have an added glitter to cater to a more adventurous customer. But this does not last long, just one shampoo and bye bye colour.

Clip in extensions

A perfect alternative for those who are afraid to apply anything on their hair. Just clip it on your hair where you want it and you are party-ready.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose which temporary hair dye that suits you and get on with it!