There’s a reason why Brazilian hair treatments are getting to be all the rage in the hair care and styling industry all over the world. This South American country is known not only for its famous footballers and supermodels but also for its unique and effective hair treatments.

If you want to channel your inner Gisele Bundchen—or at least have gorgeous hair like hers—here are some tips from Brazilian hair care experts you might want to practice.

Make hair masks a regular part of your beauty routine. You don’t have to do this every night; once or twice a week will do. Many mothers in Brazil introduce their daughters to the benefits of hydrating their hair at very early ages—sometimes as early as five or six years old—through homemade homeopathic remedies. You can try a traditional Brazil nut oil treatment for starters. Apply it and spread it throughout your hair, leave it on for thirty minutes, and then shampoo and condition as usual.
Another tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation is that of the hair beanie technique, which allows you to straighten your hair in a natural way without using heat or without spending too much time or effort. Using large hairpins, you pin your hair around your head in a beanie style and then cover it with an actual beanie or something similar. When you remove the beanie and the pins in the morning, you’ll have straight, beautiful hair.
Orient yourself with the rich, natural ingredients of Brazil that are known for their nourishing qualities. Brazil nut oil is known to make hair soft, shiny, and well-hydrated. Another ingredient that achieves this is cupuaçu butter, which is sourced from the tropical tree of the same name that’s native to the Amazon rainforest. To achieve optimum scalp health, buriti oil is perfect for you; and pequi oil can reduce frizz and make your curls last longer.
Take advantage of popular Brazilian keratin treatments. What keratin does is that it strengthens your hair’s structure and reinforces its natural shine, softness, and movement.
There’s a tradition in Brazil in which many women cut their hair according to the phases of the moon. According to tradition, cutting your hair in a particular phase will help you achieve something. For instance, to get stronger strands, you should cut your locks during a new moon. A crescent moon encourages faster growth and increase shine, while a full moon promotes more volume. It is up to you if you believe in these superstitions or not. But what’s the harm, right?
Brazilian women are also known to take advantage of accessories like taped hair extensions. Putting on extensions is a quick and effortless way of achieving gorgeous hair. With the extensions from Human Hair Extensions, styling won’t be a problem as you can treat it the same way you’d treat your natural hair.

The most effective hair care and beauty tip you can get from Brazilian women is probably this: be comfortable in your own skin. When you’re at ease with yourself, then you are at your most gorgeous.