#1 Jet Black
If you have Black hair and you want to change your look in under an hour than #1 Jet Black Tape Hair Extensions are what you’re looking for! Human Hair Extensions Online has the most amazing, silky smooth, remy hair on the market. Our hair is so good that the tape will not fall out if they are looked after properly and the hair will also last 12+ Months if you follow our care instructions. This is a semi-permanent option that you will have to remove and then reinstall every 6 – 8 weeks. To remove them you will need our adhesive remover and they can be re installed with our reapplication tape tabs.


#1B Natural Black
Jump on the trend and instantly change your look today with a set of #1B Natural Black Extensions. This colour will match your hair perfectly if you are a really dark brown/ almost black. When you are outside in the light you can determine the colour, it is also known as an off black. Tape extensions are extremely comfortable as they sit flat to the scalp, un like older methods of extensions like micro bead, easy loop and U Tip. This is Human Hair Extensions Online’s favourite type of extensions, but everybody has their own favourite style. We just find these easier to maintain and you get a longer life span out of them as they are easier to reinstall.


#2 Dark Brown
HUMAN HAIR EXTENSIONS Online are the go to company if you are after #2 Dark Brown Tape Extensions. We stock this set in 10 piece, 20 piece, 40 piece, 60 piece & 80 piece sets which come in a whole range of lengths including 16”, 18”, 20” 22” and 26”! The most popular tape extension length is by far our 20” range which we proudly stock in over 29 colours. We even have balayage extensions and a whole heap of fun fashion colours like Red, Blue, Pink, Green and purple. If you’re not sure if this set is right for you than please contact our experienced staff and they will help you with your decision. If you’re a Sydney customer and want them today you can use our Same Day Delivery option which is only $17.00.


#4 Chestnut Brown
If you would like to add a bit of life to your hair than #4 Chestnut Brown tapes could be a good option for you. HUMAN HAIR EXTENSIONS Online recommend this colour if your hair is a medium brown colour. If so this will blend in with your natural hair and look amazing! If you are still unsure on the colour than you have no need to worry as we offer a 100 day money back or exchange guarantee. Simply follow our return policy and we will gladly swap if for another set of refund you for your purchase


#4/613 Brown Blonde Mix
There are several reasons why you would want to speed up your hair growth. It may be simply because you are too impatient to wait for it to grow naturally after a horrible haircut or need help with problems like hair loss or thinning. Whatever your reason is, to have longer hair faster, we have the solution for you and the good news is that you can instantly have it! They can be installed in 30 minutes. Get thicker hair instantly with our #4/613 Brown Blonde Mix. You will not be disappointed as our hair can last over 18 months with proper care. Get the hair you’ve been dreaming of now!


#6 Golden Brown
The new biggest style to hit the hair extension world is tape ins! They are quick and simple to install and are extremely inconspicuous! People actually won’t even know you have them in. If your hair is a golden brown colour than you will find that #6 Golden Brown Tape Hair Extensions from HHEO are going to be the perfect set for you. Not only are they silky smooth and long lasting they are also a salon A+ grade quality and are stocked in hair salons all over Australia.


#8 Light Brown
As you can see HUMAN HAIR EXTENSIONS Online stock a huge range of colours, this is so we have the perfect colour for almost everyone! If the above image matches your hair than #8 Light Brown will blend in with your natural hair. These extensions are worth every cent as you can use them for 12+ months. You will need to have them removed every 6 to 8 weeks with a tape adhesive remover and then have them reinstalled with a tape roll or re app tapes. To top this off our products backed with a 100 day money back guarantee!


#10 Warm Beige Brown
If your hair is not growing fast enough then why not speed up this process and get yourself a set of #10 Warm Beige Brown. They can be applied in under an hour and due to the high quality of our remy human hair you can use them time after time and the hair will remain a silky smooth and knot free. HHEO are truly industry leaders when it comes to this style. As you can see we stock 5 different lengths and stock over 29 colours in our 20 inch range!


12 Dirty Blonde
If you have Blonde hair and you feel that #12 Dirty blonde is a good match for you then all you need to do is purchase this set, have it installed by an experienced installer and then enjoy your stunning new look! This hair extension colour is also used by girls with dark brown hair who want to add some lighter highlights. The best way to do this is purchase a half head set to match your hair and purchase a half head of #12 Dirty Blonde. Mix the two colours back to back with the lighter colour on the bottom, this will create a highlighted look.


#18 Honey Blonde
We all have bad hair days from time to time. But for some people, however, hair problems are almost a part of life, something they’ve been dealing with for so long that they can’t imagine it being any other way. Cheer up! Human Hair Extensions Online can certainly help you in that area. Our hair is strong, smooth and shiny. You can try our #18 Honey Blonde Taped In Extensions and see how they change your look. Get that head-turning new look NOW!


#18/613 Blonde Mix
Hair growth and health depends on three things: your genes, your hair care routine and your diet. While we can’t change our genes, we can help you achieve the hair of your dreams with #18/613 Blonde Mix. Here at HHEO we have a lot of options for you. Check out our considerable range of lengths and colours to choose from, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need advice choosing which set will work best for you.


#24 Golden Blonde
Look ridiculously adorable with our #24 Golden Blonde. This will definitely complete your spring look! It is made from high quality remy hair that last longer than other brands and is a very reasonable price. Expensive hair does not necessarily means superior quality. Why pay more for Remy AAA grade when you can buy it cheaper? Check out our remy hair extensions now!


#33 Dark Auburn
Have the beautiful hair you deserve with #33 Dark Auburn Extensions. Our hair is from Asia which is particularly popular because it is so strong and versatile. You can browse extensions in many different styles and colors. Whether you are an individual or a salon stylist, you can purchase large or small amounts of superior hair at wholesale prices. Get the set you deserve!


#35 Cognac
Get that long flowing hair that the celebrities have! The long hairstyle is ideal option for formal and informal events. Get the look with our #35 Cognac colour. Made with100% Remy which is the finest-quality hair available, the cuticles are fully intact and the hair is bundled in the same direction it once grew. This explains why the hair is silky, smooth and tangle-free. Get the hair of your dreams! It’s just a click away…


#60 White Blonde
Fine, limp hair? No worries, our #60 White Blonde can help you achieve the look you desire without looking fake. It’s made from 100% Remy Human hair which is the highest grade of real, human hair that is a preferred choice for salons all over Australia & New Zealand. It is closest to your own natural texture, this will allow smooth blending and will be undectable. Our wide range of colours gives you more choices for the exact shade you want. Check out which colour suits you best!


#613 Beach Blonde
Every woman wants to be pretty whether she’s young or old, so let us help you! Here at Human Hair Extensions online, we strive to give you value for your money. Our #613 Lightest Blonde will give you the hair you want at the right price. We absolutely guarantee that you will see a remarkable difference in your hair after the installation. Get that spectacular hair now!


Redheads are fun, fierce and ready to take on the world! Is a radiant red calling your name? Find out if this colour will suit you best. Our Red Tape Hair could be just what you need. Our extensions are highly popular throughout Australia and Europe. We provide you with the most extensive range of quality remy hair on the market. Get the coolest colour of the season!


Spring is here! Breathe some life into your hair with a new bold and vibrant hair color guaranteed to stave off spring fever! With our Blue Hair range you’ll be the centre of attention in any affair or gathering. If you haven’t tried our high quality products then now is the right time to shine. Get soft and silky hair that can last up to 12 months with proper care. Ask our customer service now!


Add some colour to your life with our Pink human hair Extensions. Our hair can be shampooed and styled just like your normal hair. We give you free aftercare instructions to extend the life of your extensions. We supply silky, smooth, long lasting hair at an excellent price. So contact customer service and add a splash of pink to your hair for some fun!


Good things come to those who go get them, so get our Purple Hair now and don’t let your dreams just be dreams. We will give you the type of hair that you would love to wear. HHEO has become a staple brand in salons all over Sydney which has the largest and most beautiful range of natural hair. So get your hair from one of the trusted brands in Australia and New Zealand.


Let every day be the right moment for you with Balayage Tape Hair Extensions, you can never go wrong with this trend. With balayage hair you get a sharper, more defined hair colour. We have two different brown to blonde ombre sets. We supply these sets to clients in Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Melbourne. You’ve come to the right place for that new ombre look!



How to Get Voluminous, Sexy Hair Instantly? Add some volume to your luscious locks! You can achieve it with colour # 99J. We deliver the most amazing quality extensions you have ever seen. There are a number of things you can do to enhance your hair style. The trick is to find the right hair piece and colour for you to match your hair. We are more than happy to assist you in choosing  the right hair extensions that best suit you. We deliver to NSW, QLD, NT, WA, SA, TAS & VIC.


Get long, shiny and luscious locks instantly! You want lengths? You pick which one works best for you, we stock 16”, 18”, 20”, 22” and 26”. We all want beautiful hair, but over-styling and crimping can take a toll on your precious locks. Let us help you achieve the look you want. Our hair experts have been trained to search for the highest quality hair for you. Check out our website for more information.

16 inches (41cm)
Wanting to add a little extra length but not too much? 16 inch are for you!. Human Hair Extensions Online source the highest quality of human hair available. So you can count on our hair to last longer with proper care. How amazing would it be if you never had a bad hair day again! We deliver to New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria.

18 Inches (46cm)
Experience the Celebrity looks with 18 Inch range and you’ll be amazed by the transformation. Made with 100% Human Remy hair so you can be assured that hair will last 12 months plus. Here at HHEO we love helping others find exactly what they’re looking for. Talk to our customer service if you need help with your decision. Girls from Adelaide are obsessed with this length.

20 Inches (51cm)
Your Hair Is An Investment! Amazing Hair Extensions Can do three things: Boost your confidence, help land that dream job and getting the man you’ve been eyeing off! We offer 20 inch extensions of the finest quality and at an unbeatable price. Outshine anyone with our silky, smooth hair that is long lasting. We know it’s a big decision, and we are here to guide you every step of the way! Next business day delivery to the Gold Coast.

22 Inches (56cm)
Studies show that having attractive hair boosts self-confidence as well as public perception. For style that outshines the sun, get hair like our 22 Inch Hair Extensions. We can make you look and feel like a celebrity at a reasonable price. Contact our customer support to assist you. Sign up to our email marketing to receive $5 off your purchase. This length is very popular in Sydney.

26 Inches (66cm)
Wouldn’t it be fabulous, if every day was a good hair day? Fortunately, no matter what hair type you have, your locks can look healthy and luxuriously long with our hair extensions. With 26 Inch Tape Hair Extensions you sure will look a stunner. Visit our website and see why we are Australia’s leading Hair Extension retailer and why we supply to salons all over the Australia, NZ, UK & USA.


This is the perfect opportunity for you to start your own hair business! We have loads of stock and different options that you can offer your clients. We can supply you the hair you need. We can offer you our hair extensions at a wholesale price. Human Hair Extensions Online only sells quality hair you can trust which is 100% pure human hair. We know you can manage your own business, because we believe in you! For further details contact customer service.

10 piece set
Want to get the Look That Men Find Most Attractive? Long hair has been equated with femininity for ages. Look no further – you’ve come to the right place! You can buy our 10 piece set or one-fourth full head and add volume to your hair. The new hair will paper over the cracks in your emotional lives and give you that much sought after ‘great self-esteem’! Get the look now!

20 piece set
So what is the big deal? We all want to look our best right? The natural look is OK for girls but a woman needs to look sophisticated and our 20 piece set is just what you need to add glamour to your looks. This set is best used for adding additional volume or colour to already long hair. If you’re looking for superior quality extensions then be sure to buy only remy hair from a reputable company and always be cautious of the cheaped-price extensions as they are more likely to be synthetic or mixed. We have been in the business for years and we only supply quality hair from outstanding manufacturers in the world.

40 piece set
We all know the women in the Top 99 are attractive, but what exactly makes them so? It’s usually women with long, dark and wavy hair who make him take a second look. Long lustrous female hair is rated attractive by both men and women across cultures. With our 40 piece set we can guarantee that you’ll look breathtaking. Contact our friendly customer service for assistance. We’re here to assist you achieve your desired looks.


Reapplication Tape Tabs
Our hair extensions that can last up to twelve months with hair extension reapplication. We supply a considerable range of remy hair extensions all through out Australia. We do not only sell directly to the public but also stocked in hair salons. Buy now and avail of our free reapplication tape tabs with selected purchases.


Tape Rolls
Human Hair Extensions Online provides quality reapplication tape rolls. The tape is super sticky and will not fall out if looked after properly. Tape extensions can be re-used simply by adding new tape therefore always order a roll of tape along with the extensions in case you need to re-tape a section if you make a mistake. So order now! We can make you look and feel like a celebrity at a reasonable price. We offer a same day delivery service in Sydney for the product.


Adhesive Remover
We offer a wide range of high quality 100% real human hair extensions in various styles and affordable prices. These will need to be removed with our adhesive remover, so it is best to purchase a bottle with your hair order. It’s always handy to have it in stock so you can instantly remove them when you want. We understand the value of peace of mind and proudly stand by our 100 Day Money-Back Guarantee. Please contact us and will be able to help you with any questions or requests you may have.