With the variety of hair extension suppliers across Melbourne, this can be quite difficult for you to choose which among them should you get your products from. If you have just currently entered the world of hair extensions, you may be unaware of what to look for in order to guarantee the quality of the product you are about to purchase. There are a variety of points to consider right before you say that the tape hair extensions you have in hand are the best there is in Melbourne.

Here you can check out our popular method, tape-in hair extensions:


Research and Reviews
Right before you decide to buy extensions, it would be best to do your research first. Almost all kinds of information is pretty much accessible nowadays with the help of the internet. Most suppliers have their own websites. You can look there for information about how they get and create their products. You may read reviews as well and ask around your area about their own experience with certain hair extension suppliers in your area.

Trusted Local Supplier
Remember to always get your tape hair extensions from a trusted supplier in Melbourne. When it comes to your much-loved hair, I know that you’d only want what’s best for it. Your trusted supplier such as Human Hair Extensions Online (HHEO), would make it a point to always keep that trust. So essentially he/she would give you only the best just so that trust won’t fade away.

Another advantage you get when you order from a supplier that’s based near your location is you can quickly get your order in no time at all. When you are based in Melbourne and order from HHEO, you can get your tape hair extensions right away the following day.

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Remy Hair
One thing to look for in hair extension products is what they’re made of. Are they made of synthetic or remy human hair? There’s a huge difference between these two types. Synthetic ones usually last shorter and are less durable. They’re not ideal if you plan to wear extensions everyday and want them to look absolutely natural and unrecognizable. On the other hand, remy hair is considered to be the best type of hair extensions available in the market today.

When your tape hair extensions are made of 100% authentic remy human hair, they would look totally natural and you could use them longer. Aside from that, you can treat them just like your own original tresses. They can be styled in the same manner as real hair. You can identify if they’re remy or not by the the texture of their strands. Remy ones have their cuticles intact while synthetic ones have already been stripped off with hair cuticles.

Quality Of Tapes
Look at the quality of the tapes as well. Make sure that the tape wefts are of high quality. You would want to make sure that your tape ins will be properly sealed into your tresses. When they have durable tapes, you would never have to worry about any hair slippage and damage in the future.