Been wondering whether you can sleep while wearing tape hair extensions or not? Good news, you can! Tape ins are one of the most secure methods of hair extension application. Given that it is made of premium class materials, you can certainly do everything with it just as you would with your natural hair. At Human Hair Extensions Online, we offer authentic cuticle intact remy human hair extensions, the best kind there is on the market. They are available in a variety of lengths and colours. Each product is tailored to fit your needs, personal preference and budget.

Here you can check out our popular method, tape-in hair extensions:


We dread the idea of waking up with a super messy bed head. What more if we are wearing hair extensions. We can’t risk getting them damaged all because of how clumsy we are when we sleep, right? Good thing is, there are simple way we can do to protect our much loved tape ins when we opt to sleep with them on. Before you go and hit the bed, make sure to follow these steps in order to keep them well protected and prevent messy hair when you wake up.

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1. Keep them completely dry
You might probably be one of those people who love to shower at night before going to bed. If you are, consider drying your locks first. It is not advisable to sleep with wet extensions, they are highly susceptible to damage when wet.

2. Free from any tangles
Brush your hair to free it from any tangles and knots as well as to remove product buildup during the day. This helps in keeping your strands in place. Don’t forget to check on your roots also. You should make it a habit to regularly inspect your tape bonds to ensure they are still attached well to your hair.

3. Braid your hair
This is the most secure traditional way of keeping your extensions in place and free from possible damage while asleep. Braiding your tresses prevents your strands from moving around and forming knots and tangles. It also reduces friction at the mid lengths and at the tips of your locks. You can easily remove the braid right after you wake up, hair is smoother and can be brushed easily.

4. Turned under ponytail
Aside from braiding, you can as well tie your hair into a turned under or inside out ponytail. Doing this takes less effort and time compared to braiding. What you need to do is brush your strands thoroughly until smooth and tangle-free. Tie your locks with an elastic band in a low positioned ponytail. Create a hole at the center right above the elastic band then insert the ponytail through the hole and pull it down.

5. Use a silk pillow cover
When you make use of a silk pillowcase, you can see some significant changes on your hair’s condition. The softness and smoothness of silk reduces friction your stands deal with. Try to avoid using cotton pillow covers.